Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just so ya know, peoples, I suck at sewing.
Sorry. Just kinda low on a failure kick right now. Made a lot of mistakes, etc., and don't try to tell me that it'll be okay and I'll learn over time and the more skirts ya make the better ya get, because . . . I really don't like it all that much.
Can you say 'bummed"?
Anna and Rachel were making comments about me making them skirts, and how this was the beginning of my Etsy career. (it annoyed me to no end) Can I please insert right here that I barely make one thing on the sewing machine a year? Ahem.
Now, I did not go at this completely blindly; I had Mom helping and stuff...but really, couldn't it have turned out a little better?
I'm off to paint. Or iron. Or clean the kitchen. Or read. And write.
Do something that I'm good at.
Do something that I won't utterly fail.
Practice, practice, practice, you say.
Well, I'll leave that to those who will use the skill more than twice a year. And who knows; maybe I'll rebound and try to make the best of this botched skirt . . . it's just too narrow; not enough to be a wraparound skirt by any accounts. Of course Rachel jumped up and suggest it be for her . . . but I'm just trying it out here, peoples.

Good news of some sort to come later in life.
Hopefully soon.
Like this morning, I had enough coffee to feed an elephant (pecan torte, a sweet lady at church gave me some samples of Gevalia) . . . while the men from Lowe's put in our new countertops. Pictures about that coming soon . . . fun, fun.


Jana said...

Okay first, I had no idea elephants ate coffee, I like them more already. Second I cant sew a straight line to save my God fearing life. Third, Bekah oh my gosh you are just precious, my heart skips a little whenever you come visit my blog, I "found" most of my readers and one day you just showed up and I love that we can hang virtually together! fourth, for some reason I havent been getting the updates in my reader when you post new things so I have to catch up again! sorry! 5th new countertops? SQUEEEEE!!!! okay I think I am done. For now.

beka said...

Thank you dear!
Ah yes. Countertop pics are coming soon. LOVE them to bits and pieces. ;) --Well, you know what I mean.