Tuesday, March 16, 2010

omelettes . . . goodness, it almost looks like spring! :)

I'm truly sorry for those of you who do not like mushrooms. :) Truly.
Today for lunch, Dad and I made omelettes. So of course, I minced the onion, sliced the mushrroms, and cracked the more-than-a-dozen eggs. And we have Havarti. Looks like the sort of stuff Mom, Anna and I got at the farmer's market last summer, homemade and everything. :) Good memories.
Here are the rest of the mushrooms. :)
Oh, can't forget the homemade butter. No, we did not use it all. Sheesh. That wasn't even the container we used...I just wanted a picture of this one because it was pretty. And made this morning by Bubby.
Can you say 'beautiful'? Yes. Today has went between somewhat-cloudy to a wonderful blue, but goodness. You can hang out with no socks and no sweater. Oh yeah. I love Spring.
Haha! No more snow on the ground. I know this wasn't wordless wednesday, so why am I using all my picture up? Ah....maybe I'll take some more. :)
One thing I'm glad of, and I've said before is: the vacuuming is done. For today. But Tuesday, thankfully, is the only day I have to. That's a pro of having lots of siblings. Because I. Do. Not. Like. Vacuuming.
But oh, well. It has to get done. And we cleaned out the freezer today, wow I don't know what's worse--cleaning the fridge, or cleaning the freezer. Thank goodness Dad and Ben did most of it. :) Love them.
Well. Little Danny should be here soon, and hopefully he and I will take a walk or something . . . since Anna, Mom, and Rachel are gone.
Almost done reading Violette Between! Love Alison's books. :)
Good day to you all, and hopefully soon I'll get my clever blogging bug back. I don't feel very clever lately. But it's all the fault of this darn sore throat that --thank God!-- is finally going away after being with me since Saturday. I hate sore throats. Don't know if I've mentioned that before. :)

Oh, and P.S.: Dad is loving the Operation Firebrand series by Jefferson Scott. :) He's almost done with the first book...what, has he been reading it a week? Somewhere around there. Or less. Surprising, with his wake-up-at-3:30am-schedule. So proud of him. I knew he'd love them. And yeah, someday I will, for sure, nab them off Amazon or something . . . :) Now for a mug of coffee; the first since Saturday and the start of that horrid sore throat. :) I linked to the series of 3 books on OF, Jefferson, and Scott. :) Just so ya know...it goes in order, if you ever read them.

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heather said...

I love mushrooms!! Awesome pictures. I completely agree...cleaning fridge/freezer is the worst chore ever invented by man. :)