Saturday, July 17, 2010

1pm comes faster than we think.

Today is going to be one fun, interesting, warm, sunny, friend-family-etc-filled day.
Can't wait to tell y'all about what we have planned. It has something to do with surprises.... :D
It's coffee time.
Well. Five hours of sleep does wondrous things for a person! 
Thoughts of coffee and chocolate today were my consolation as I went to sleep. 
Can I help it that I wanted to read just one chapter when I got up to bed after 12am, & time flew out the window like a draft unnoticed? 
Can't wait for later. Heather and Stephanie... 1pm comes sooner than we think. I need those brownies. ;) ♥


{Amy} said...

have a great day,,,coffee, chocolate and brownies? that's my kinda day! : ) can't wait to hear all about the surprise later!

James said...

Coffee SO good

beka said...

Yes, dear. :)