Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today is a day of dishes. sorry no photo in this post for that. now, the other day on the other hand...
Of beautiful skies.
Of sitting on the front lawn with the David Bible study and a breeze.
Today is a day of shade. And breeze. 
Oh. Yes.
Priming canvases.
Because Ben, my bro, has been a lean-nice-canvas-making machine. :) as our dear mother put it...
And what's weird, is that today the paint and primer have been affecting me.
It's not fun.
The paint on my newest Night Sky canvas was stinging my eyes with the fumes (non-toxic, it says! acrylic) and feeling weird in my nose like no other time, and the primer was doing the same.
I'm not even kidding. 
Why can't this stuff smell and sting like permanent markers? At least that stuff smells slightly interesting for a wee little bit.

Danielle @ We Don't Have It All Together gave me this award... :)
Basically, you get awarded and also get to award people whose blogs are a bit of creativeness, inspiration, and enjoyment for you and the blog-world.
Here's a few that I want to give it to:
Cassandra, whom I've found today and her blog is cute and so funny. And my gosh, she even knits. Gotta love a lady who can knit. I mean, I do, so does anyone concur? I'm JUST kidding.

Kat, whom I also found today. Blog-hopping pays off, because methinks she's my newest blog crush. :) She's cute. She's honest. She's a mommy:) Oh, and I love her writing prompts. Can't wait to use them.
Amy, just because seriously, she has vintage suitcases on her header. My gosh. All the vintage and good deals she gets....I want to do that:) Oh. And because she's got that Virtual Coffee thing going on every Tuesday. Heh heh. ;)

K.B., who's sweet and does that Creativity Bootcamp.
Chelsey, who's got some amazing photo edits. My goodness, her lil girl Ruari is one of the cutest things since sliced angel cake.
Leanna. Ohhh, yes I had to do her. Like really? I'm sure she's already gotten this a dozen or more times, but remember those chocolate pecan scones? That's creativity. That's inspiration. ;)

Casey, at her normal blog or her Cookies or Death! one, which just started up. So excited for that one. Mmmmm:)
So. We're running out of my favorite wide-open place for wall space.
That's a hard fact to swallow.

p.s. more painting will be coming soon;)


Cassandra said...

Thanks girlie!

heather said...

Good girl beka getting caught up in David. Stef and I are waaaaay ahead.(for once)LOL oh and thanks for introducing me to Cassandra's it! :)

{Amy} said...

oh yay, love having new blogs to check out!
and thanks beka, so sweet if you! that just made my day : )
and you know if you are running out of wall space that only means one thing....start selling those babies!
happy 4th to you!