Saturday, July 24, 2010

sneak peek of sorts...and randomness.

Yes, I am guilty of maybe --maybe not-- eating 3 small cheesecakes for breakfast.
Too bad.
And here's a random sneak peek at one of the walls I hang paint on:
Behind me, quite obviously.
We stopped by the little coffee shop so Dad could get a milkless espresso-and-flavor thing he can add to, and I got an English toffee cappuccino. Needed coffee. Monday's coming. Plus, with the hour long drive and a/c, it was a good thing.
Ah. This morning I woke up from the most awful dream I've ever had in my life. So weird, considering I've not been reading/listening/seeing/hearing anything violent in the past few weeks. Talk about coming out of left field. So I got out of bed. Talked to God while trying to shove the thoughts and images out of my head.
Read a few Psalms out loud to myself in the quiet of the unawakened house, went back to bed and drifted to sleep after reading a chapter of a different book.
And I'm reading this now:
It's good. And the last book in the house by Siri.
Good thing there's still the newest ones she's written...just waiting for me to put a hold on them at the library.
Beautiful today, yes?
But this is a warm, humid summer.
After eating some really good food at the party we went to today, I couldn't stop myself. From snapping a picture, I mean. And Ben and Rach wanted into the picture, so there we are.
I ♥loved♥ that couch. And the rug there? Beautiful. All lavender and sage green and the softest gold, if I remember right.
Reminds me of all the times up north that I stared at those wing back chairs in the one store. ♥
I'm off to clean the kitchen. :)


James said...

Love the couch

Yellow House said...

Cheesecake for breakfast...Mmm... that sounds lovely. I had pancakes, so I shouldnt complain, but mmm, cheesecake!