Thursday, July 8, 2010

artistic endeavors: mercy is shown. night sky #4

I've...been painting today. :) Working on a second canvas, in fact.
It's something different I'm working on today.
I happen to like the first one rather than the second...
And no, I'm not going to just up and tell you.
Maybe I will.
But maybe I won't.
I mean, who doesn't like surprises? 
I loved painting the first one today to this song that's playing, by The Afters. It's a beautiful song.
Above is a shot of the new canvases. Ben was on roll. :)
It's been swimming weather lately.
Warm and sometimes quite muggy.
Danny boy:) Jelly diaper time....heh heh.
Aaaaand I'm not posting any of the pictures I took with me and it.
Oh well.
It was not a good hair day.
This was today, as it's been so far... making potato broccoli curry, and having everyone else go around me in the kitchen making french toast because it was one of those days Dad had a craving for it and everyone wanted it then too.... I cut my thumb, just a little slit, while dicing the potatoes. Wonderfee. I didn't even notice until my thumb started stinging. It didn't bleed too much.
And no. The cheese does not go into the recipe for that curry. It's just that that's a nice shot of the knife that did the deed. 
So...a post about caning is coming up.
Ya know? Caning?
 not my picture; that's what Google's for sometimes...
Okay. Just wanted to make sure you were following along.
Alright, go check out Miss Amy's Virtual Coffee for today. :) I was already there. Heh heh.


Hillary said...

Oh my goodness! Really!! **stars in eyes**

LeAnna said...

I thought caning was when an old man/woman whapped you with their cane? Just kidding! Love your newest artistic endeavor. Or, what you've finished so far!

Jen said...

Oh dear so sorry for the cut. It's wretched indeed. :) But the curry sounds lovely--much like your new canvas! I'm excited to hear/see how the caning is coming along. It sounds involved, but you make it sound snappy!

daniella said...

I think you are deliciously adorable. I meant to let you know that the homeade pore remover homeade mask I blogged about forever ago is definitelyl worth it. Just don't get anywhere near the eybrow or sideburn area! T-zone only :-)

I'll be visiting more often, your blog is charming. Have a great weekend!

Chana said...

Such a busy girl you are! Love the painting as usual, your recipe sounds amazing, minus the thumb cut. French toast is calling my name now....that boy is stinking cute!

heather said...

Amaaazing song dear and I love that quote. Mercy is indeed shown. :)