Tuesday, July 20, 2010

talents, reading, and coffee crises.

'Tis a speechless day. 
Didn't wake up at a remarkable time. 
Haven't done anything remarkable, except for much less computer time. 
Oh, and wearing this racer-back dress to feel cooler. 
Making coffee with some of the last of almost-forgotten reserves. Yikes. That needs to be remedied. Finally doing the David study today. 
And make the beginnings of Dad's favorite broccoli salad thing-- broccoli, run through the dang food processor on the grate blade; Marzetti's slaw sauce, minced crispy bacon, and sunflower seeds. 

Hmm. I'm on my third cup of my last reserves--Caribou coffee blend. Gosh. We ran out of the normal dark roast we get at our co-op for a nice price. How did we get that way?!?!?!
Well. That's me, staying up late reading, needing that coffee in the morning so I can stay awake.
As it dripped, hot and dark, filling the kitchen with the lovely aroma, I put my hand on my heart for dramatics, mostly
"I feel a calm come over me when I watch it brew."
Anna laughed. "You're weird."
See those hooks? That's what I was talking about in the beginning of this post. It's so darn handy to have so many.
They go on forever.
I love it.
The cup was burning hot from the fresh coffee, so my thumb could barely touch it.
But I took the picture anyways.
Don't look at me like that.
This is my stack of books lately.
Anna just read The Heart Mender book I won in that blog giveaway by Abbie. Oh my word, go check out her new little blog! She hasn't posted since the first one, but really, it has a ton of promise. :) And it does have a cute name, doesn't it? heh heh.
So I'm reading Chateau of Echoes. It's really really good, and since the author, Siri, is a military wife and has obviously traveled a lot, all the interesting details are just that: interesting and real.
You can see I'm enjoying it very much. And have plans to buy all her books over the course of....well....the future. ;)

I've done 2 days of the David study so far today.
Just lovely.

I loved this part of inbetween narrative in the study...

God does not play favorites. 
Anyone who cries out to Him, He answers.
Anyone who surrenders to His call, He uses.
1 Samuel chapters 21-23

To be honest, I stared at the huge stack of mostly primed canvases earlier and felt quite...nothing. Maybe that oil painting shop ruined me for a while.
Feeling quite untalented when I'm not at all practiced in creating Italianate land-and-city-scapes. But oh well, ya know? Not everyone is meant to paint like Picasso or . . . whoever all those canvases were by. Everyone's got their own...thing....don't they? Their own little talents.


hfaithe85 said...

Yikes! You definitely need to remedy that low coffee situation, dear. Oh, and I'm just about to start, "Chateau of Echoes". Looks really promising. :)

LeAnna said...

Out of all of this, I loved the last paragraph best. Because that's how I often feel. I get into this all-fire fury to create and sew, photograph and make and so on and then I see a "professional" rendition of whatever and my creativity sinks into a bottomless pit. But then I remember WHY I do whatever it is I do, and I do it for fun. We all have our own... thing, yes, I concur. Loud applause, friend, loud applause! Don't quit, what you do is special and unique and that in itself is worth a thousand million zillion Italian 'scapes. In my humblest of opinionests. ;)

Christina said...

I hope you have restocked your coffee by now!!
This morning I felt so relieved to smell my coffee brewing. I woke up with a little headache and felt tired, so it felt extra needed!
Nice stack of books. I haven't read much in awhile. :(

{Amy} said...

beka-can i just say that you are adorable...so pretty! and i'm jealous of those eyebrows...kinda weird? well, mine are no good, toolight and too thin... so i am! : D