Wednesday, July 21, 2010

of coffee catastophes and cute little boys...

If I wanted to start this post like yesterday, I'd say I'm not quite as speechless with nothing really to say.
But Gram is napping, and sleeptalking. And laughing.
And... I've had enough coffee today.
But we still haven't replenished the supply yet. Ahem.
And the kitchen is pretty gorgeous, thanks to Rachel putting some good time in.
I'm 3 days worth away from finishing the David Bible study by Beth Moore.
I woke up early this morning.
6:40 is early, right? Early enough, I mean. Dad wakes up around 3:30am. Youch.
I got out of bed at 7:07, broke the coffee pot by 7:18, had it cleaned up, had me a shower, brought up the old coffee pot after shaking a little spider out of its abode, cleaned it thoroughly with a lot of hot water and soap, and had coffee brewing at 7:49.
How do I remember all this?
I journalled it already. This morning. At 8.
So now, obviously, I've been using the old pot...and Ben yanked the stopper/preventer-of-drips that is on the bottom of the filter basket for those times you want to be impatient and serve yourself in the middle of the brewing process. Ha.
I hate that I had to learn the lesson by a weird hissy overflow . . . but now, at least, it's fixed. And the filter basket looks just like my old one--- no stopper to give me problems. I'm happy.
Today has been a journally-and-Bible-study sort of day.
And Anna came over with the kiddies to start on the co-op order. 
(2lb bag of whole bean, dark roast, coming up! Yay!!! Monday, I love you....)
I played Humpty-Dumpty with him. He was so cute. Giggling. losing his hat. He loved his hat today.
And no shirt under the overalls? He's sweet and soft.
It was a day of eating leftovers from Chili's last night. :)
So. . . . that was a bit less work for me, wouldn't ya say? ;)
Oh, go check out Amy's latest post. The beach sounds so appealing. I mean, it looks so appealing. Wonderful, in fact.
Not the heat, but just . . . the looks. The water. The sand. The nearly-forever stretching on.
Earlier this afternoon I was playing a song on my acoustic guitar. 
But before all that, I had a thought. I spark of inspiration.
For what?
Yes. Yes!
For painting a canvas. :) I think I'll let it percolate in my head until sometime tomorrow when I might get a chance at a mostly-empty house. That's how I like to do the newer-concepted ones.
----Oh, and Chateau of Echoes is really good. :) Gosh, I swear I'm going to find some way to meet Siri someday...she's a fascinating person. I can tell.
These are the scars
Deep in your heart
This is the place you were born
This is the hole
Where most of your soul
Comes ripping out
From the places you've been torn . . .
Every breath is a second chance.
[switchfoot; always]


hfaithe85 said...

Oh dear, your life is just full of one coffee crisis after another. :)
Hope they get remedied soon.

Chelsea said...

I don't really know what i'd do without my french press!

i love my coffee!

great blog! and great pics!