Friday, July 23, 2010

once upon a time...there was a storm.

this post is going to be all in lower-case.
just to randomly warn you.

yesterday, rachel made sugar cookies.
they turned out quite good. i may have eaten around 5-10 in the duration of the whole day.
(haha, that was the mess in the kitchen that was....ahem.....special.)
last night was a very big, long storm.
a "persistent system" of thunderstorms. lots of lightning, flash floods in some parts around the county and farther, and lots of rain. um. obviously.
i stood at the back door, staring out the window with the curtain half pushed-back, watching the lightning far and near, hearing the thunder loud and nearly constant. i stood there just talking to God. watching nature act weird, emotional. i stood there just singing.
dad watched the news. freaky stuff was happening not an hour or two away. horrible flooding.
all i could do was thank God that our area has never had a history of that... i haven't seen a storm like that for a long time. if ever.
around 10 this morning, heather and steph stopped by and anna and i had coffee brewed at home with them. with maple-pecan scones and sour cream. mmmmm. so good. 
today. 11am.
this was the sky ^^ on our way to gram's last sister's funeral. the first patch of blue sky in around 24 hours.
i know that's nothing for the wait of a missing blue sky.

a quiet, short service.
then i walked around a bit with reese snuggled on my shoulder, looking at some really old headstones.
some really cool headstones.
though....if i had to think about it, and choose, i'd rather not have a huge tall stone thingy on top of my grave.
this was a reverend, his name sounded german, and we was born in...what....1864? died in 1907 if i remember correctly.
that thing was huge.
ever-changing. beautiful. humid, though.
cutie. he was so tired. so ready for a nap. :)
see his smile? such a cutie.
12:30pm ^^ amazing.
sammi wanted to take a picture of me.
then i took one of her. she was singing a song about taking pictures. while watching herself in the mirror.
she wanted to take a picture of reese. so i let her. i was even helping her hold the camera steady; but she moves the camera at the last second.
oh, and here's an interesting picture --from yesterday:
they were making bees-wax candle holders. rachel lit a tea light candle in one, and it. was. beautiful. again, my thought was, oh, what a pretty, simple, low-cost centerpiece that would make on tables at a wedding!
like really.
(shakes head)
they also inlaid some dried and pressed flowers and leaves, which is what makes them pretty and elegant. well other than the lovely amber glow it gives when there's light inside.
that is all for today.
danny's . . . being special. needs a nap, that's for sure. :)


James said...

Sweet tombstone and Reese looked
so ready for a nap

Yellow House said...

I think I am going to bake cookies tomorrow, just because of you!

Christina said...

You have a cute family!
The storm sounds like it was pretty bad! It seems like it hasn't rained here much in weeks again, which is very unusual for here during summer.

The candle holders are really cool!

Anonymous said...

It's okay, I think about wedding stuff too, and I have no reason to be thinking of stuff like that. *sigh*