Saturday, July 31, 2010

long time, no see.

Hey there, peoples.
It's quite interesting, I have to say, to go so long without blogging. To go without easy access to my laptop..... I guess Mr. Will hooked it up to something, and the hard drive is perfectly fine. (praise. the. Lord.) But he needs the money before he can order the LCD screen.
So....there's wonderful hope. ;)
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Today has been a lazy Saturday. Started out quite weird, overcast and all, but heard some exciting news from a friend. :)
For me? Coffee, reading, cleaning the kitchen.....
Oh, and a thermos of chai, just now. We have the a/c on.
Well, just saying hi. There's not much to say without my own pictures, darnit. Last night was the dinner Steph and I made. Turned out quite well, if we do say so ourselves. And the chocolate-pecan tart? My gosh. So glad there's the second pie pan of it. ;)


hfaithe85 said...

Oh poor you...hoping laptop gets well soooooon!! And yea to exciting news. ;)

{Amy} said...

ugh...Beka, that really stinks! hope you are up and running again soon! : )
and the chocolate pecan tart? yummmmmm.

Casey said...

chocolate pecan tart sounds beyond amazing. I need to make one. right. NOW :)

Lindsay said...

yum that sounds so good, now i'm hungry!