Thursday, July 22, 2010

what a rainy day:)

Today's been to both ends of the good/bad spectrum.
 I looked at this picture and almost shivered. It was chilly outside at the time. And misting.
=Messy kitchen with the making of candles and sugar cookies and no proper clean-up instigated by the makers who are, consequently, under the age of 16 but know what to do. Add to the equation that I was on my laptop doing multiple things, ranging from catching up a wee bit on stuff going on, and streamlining my Picture folder. Oh man, it looks so nice now. There's not so many folders in the Picture folder, so there's no scrolling through tons and tons of them from these past couple J months. :)  And, after that, looking for old pictures for Mom because we have a great-aunt's funeral tomorrow. (Grammy's last sibling)
 Golly, it's been a while since I've painted. I kinda miss it. :P That blue reminds me of Avatar. haha!
=I started picking up all over the dining room and living area, and the next time I went in the kitchen, the counter was completely clean and organized, and I swept the floor for another illusion of cleanliness. (sigh) 
What I wanted to write twenty minutes ago, before things started going right: I hate what today has been. But I have a sliver of hope for what it could be.  
 Random shot of pretty flowers in our front yard bushes.
Okay now.
=I'm about to shut my laptop off after being on here since around 11am. It's 2:50. Ewwwww. I feel like a stagnant individual. Things have changed in the past few days.
Oh yes, and I really need to stop reading such good books.
I stayed up till 1, woke up at a very unremarkable time to a rainstorm, and after my shower sat down on the laptop with a fresh cup of coffee. (the last of my Caribou blend! Ack!;) that stuff is so good.) 
Not the lack of coffee, but rather how everything was.
There has been a change in the past couple days.
The rain, though? The sound and look of it reminded me of a scene in Chateau of Echoes. Love Siri's books. I really do.

Hope is the dream
of a soul awake.

[French proverb]


hfaithe85 said...

Oh dear, sounds like we have had similiar mornings. The music playing right now is helping soothe the rough edges that have been my day. And the coffee in my hand. Hugs! :)

Brittney said...

COFFEE!! Makes a day go right.... :) So glad I'm not the only one that has such mornings... ;)

Kate said...

I love the last photo you posted - it reminds me of a perfectly lovely afternoon.