Sunday, July 18, 2010


I haven't painted since before I fell prey to that sore throat a week or so ago.
Methinks it's about time. And just a note, I got this quote/picture thingy from Simply Feather.

Today I started this book called Chateau of Echoes. By Siri.
Once again.

Anna and I took our evening walk around 9ish. I always take off my shoes and socks for the last block or two because it's summer. And I dislike shoes, but wear them when I need them.

This morning when I woke up and almost stumbled down the stairs, I decided I needed a nap this afternoon. So I took one. I'm still tired. I foresee a bit of reading, then sleeeeeeeep.
It's already 10:38pm, and I'm thinking I won't be reading all that much before I give in to sleep.

(Ack! Only about 11 more posts to go, then my giveaway! Chelsea gave me an idea the other day....Sometime I've got to decide. ;) There's just so many good ones. 
This is my 189th post. Wow. So exciting. :)


James said...

Sleep is So good

James said...

it's Bed time Rebekah is that better

Nyla said...

Well hey there. I'm just catching up on my blog and reading all your posts. (Thanks, btw!) The tea cups from my Easter post are from the FiestaWare set from 1998. I love them oh so much. That whole collection is just awesome. Although I think they've changed the colors since then, they should still be available at places like JC Penney's.

Nyla said...

P.S..I added your button to my page