Tuesday, July 27, 2010

in a tunnel. where's the light???

Today was the Mom's Bible study.
Last night and just 1/2 an hour ago was painting.
It's hot outside. I vacuumed this morning. There was coffee brewed.
The kids are swimming off and on today. A lot.
This cutie. He totally has doe eyes, doesn't he?
He does.
His little feet were too scrumptious to pass up the camera.
You know?
What was funny, the way I was holding him on my hip, he snuck his big toe into my pocket and the rest were out. I can't help it, I snickered.
Funny, handsome little boy.
Hahaha, just tall enough to get out. ;)
We've been doing something different lately.
When our family and Heather & Steph get together with some of their siblings, we take turns with one sibling from one side and one sibling from the other side and those two cooks dinner.
Caleb and Ryan have done it. It was breakfast food for dinner. Omelets and bacon and I can't remember what else. For dinner. It was good.
Rachel and Michaela had their turn. Meatloaf, potatoes stuffed with sour cream, cheese, basil. A bit more I can't remember anymore.
Now. . . . .it's my turn with Steph.
We've been cooking for longer than the above couples, but that also means that people have certain opinions of us and kitchens together.
Anna and Heather have commanded that we have to cook things we have never cooked before.

So I was looking through my two Jamie Oliver cookbooks....
And this stuff looks good. Doesn't it? Spinach. Tagliatelle. Mascarpone and parmesan.
It sounds good to me.
But making it for around 12 people?
I looked through both.
And after Anna kept saying: "that would be nice for 2 people. But you have to remember you're making it for a whole lot more people" -- and: "that's a side dish" --right when I thought I'd hit something good for the main dish.
I got frustrated.
I started suggesting dishes with stuff like squid or something equally strange to the small-town midwest.

And I think I've decided. To punish them, I'll make that Lamb's Lettuce and Lychee Salad with Lucky Squid and Chilli Jam.
Sounds like a good choice. See above photo.

So I put away my books....
And then I saw a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
Well, not the end of the tunnel....but I saw this:
Anna had been looking through a new library book and opened it to this page.
Aha. A suggestion.
Looks doable.....
Today we got the new Bible studies form Amazon......It's a study on the book of John.
We're doing it with Heath and Steph, once again. We're so excited for it being New Testament, since the Old Testament is really good, but there's just something about the New.
So. With a picture of books I'm working on, I'm leaving you to research for a main and side dish.
Love Mercy, Lisa Samson
Chocolate Epiphany, library book
Beloved Disciple, the new study
A Heart Like His, the old and well-worn-&-loved study:)

Oh, the joys of life.
And cooking.
And being stretched. And venturing out. For a huge crowd. LOL
I'll get back to y'all on the food we'll decide on making.
Oh, and the paintings. The distressed one, and the new muse. ;) 
And......this is my 199th post. Wow. :) Tomorrow I'll announce what I'm giving away! Pretty exciting.


hfaithe85 said...

Muhaha...hooray to being stretched in the kitchen. ;) I know you and Stef will do a smashing job. Oh and sooo looking forward to diving into John. :)

Jen said...

love the baby toes--so sweet!

Abbie said...

The chubby baby toe - in the pocket! Oh my word, does it get any cuter?!
I think not.

I really want to get Jamie Oliver's cookbook. I may not be Abbie the Lionheart, but I'm pretty brave in the kitchen =D I love trying new stuff.

Can't wait for the giveaway!

LeAnna said...

That sweet little boy has the most darling eyes!
I think the spinach pasta mascarpone sounds good, I bet you could sub the mascarpone for some cream cheese and sour cream. Ooh'lala. But I never obey recipes, so don't listen to me. ;)

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh my gosh, the baby feet.

And, the PASTA dish. I'd make it for 12 people. Yes please.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Mmmm, the pasta looks good! I think it'd work for 12 people. Yummy chocolate. And, wow: 200! I totally spaced and missed my 200th like 20 posts ago. I was so sad. I guess I'll have to do something fun for 300. :)

Yellow House said...

I just love looking through cookbooks, but am like you - it's so hard to decide which recipe to choose from. Everything you had your eye on looks fantastic.

And yes - that little man's feet are irresistible!

Yellow House said...

And... I cannot wait to celebrate your 200th post!

Christina said...

Ooh almost to post 200! yay!

I really want a Jamie Oliver cookbook! My mom has his Food Revolution cookbook.

krissilugbill said...

he does have doe eyes! what a cutie :) I LOVE breakfast food for dinner...yummo!