Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bookshelf tuesday. and pesto-pasta drama.

This is the stack of books I got from the library on July 2.
Needless to say...99% of the ones by Billerbeck went back...just because I couldn't get into them, they were too involved but shallow...and I should've known that half the time they market books according to what they really are like. I have indeed proven this theory wrong in the case of the Siri Mitchell books (I mean, get a load of some of her book covers/titles? on Amazon! Gosh. I mean, pretty, but some I wouldn't trust just because of dang marketing...) but in this case, with the Billerbeck books, it's true. They're as unsatisfying as the covers proclaim them to be. Oh well. I didn't waste too much time on them, thank God.
Oh, look what I was doing January 25 2009. Holy cow, that was a while ago.
and for your info, in other pictures featured in the folder, to the left is the whole corporation of homemade butter. What a winter afternoon job. :)
Well, okay. I'll give you a shot from that. 
I tell ya, it was a production:)

Just because it's freaky.
9:30pm, I took my bowl of fresh pasta and pesto upstairs with my new book to read in the other hand.
I passed the doorjamb, and saw something in the corner of my eye.
I set the bowl down, and caught sight of movement.
Just a tiny bit.
Well, that was the tiny movement of a baby daddy-long-leg spider.
On my pesto pasta.
How wrong is that? It dropped from the ceiling at the same time I was entering the room.
I swear I almost lost it. Really? A bug, crawling on my food? My food that I was hungry for?
Please say it ain't so.
But it was.
So you know what I did?
I ran back downstairs, screamed a not-so-curdling scream, and yelped out my explanation for drama.
In the middle of them watching a b&w movie with Gregory Peck in it.
Even now I still have the heeby-jeebies at the thought...Every little twitch or tickle, my brain spazzes. I just love this part of being temporarily traumatized.
Rach and Lyd came upstairs with me to investigate my bowl, and I cheered Lyd on with "you're so brave!" as she killed the dang thing, which had smartly dropped to the floor in all this time.
I realize this shows you all how . . . much fortitude I claim . . . and what guts I have . . .
Which isn't that much.
But anyhow, I don't like spiders.
So that's news.


Amanda said...

Its so sad when books wind up being ridiculously shallow like that.:P
It looks like you keep the library in business though! :D

beka said...

Hehe, yeah. When I find good ones I enjoy and get something out of, I buy them.
Is that horrible of me?

HEATHER said...

Not at all Beka, I do the same thing w/music. Our money built the library anyway. Eeeeek...so w/you about the spiders. I am getting pretty awesome at killing mosquitos by catching them in my bare hand. Just sayin'...LOL

{Amy} said...

mmmmm...the pasta with pesto sounds super-yummy ( minus the spider that is!) : D

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually afraid of spiders. I'll pick them up, toss 'em outside, no biggie. But a couple years ago when I was living in Hawaii, I was lying in bed, just woke up, and noticed something on the wall out of the corner of my eye. Then it fell/rolled onto my sheets, and I got a real good look at it. HUGE mother effing spider!! I fell out of bed screeching. Woke up the roommate. Drama.
We never caught it...

Casey said...

Oh no, Beka! That would kill pesto for me for a while, too.

Jen said...

I'm definitely with you on the spider thing, however Daddy long legs have proved something about myself...its mental. My spider fear is SO mental, that when I heard Daddy Long Legs aren't technically spiders, I was no longer creeped out by them. I hold them now. Weird. :)
Wonderful post, and I LOOOOOVE the stack of books. Yes I do.

beka said...

What? I need to research Daddy Long Legs. I think I may have heard that before.....and forgot?
Oh well. It's still a bug. Ugh....

Ria Thurston said...

Wow! You are impressive :) Thanks for the blog comment today :)

Sara said...

There really aren't very many acceptable reasons to interrupt a Gregory Peck movie, but I guess a daddy long legs in your otherwise-yummy pesto pasta is reason enough. I guess... :-)