Tuesday, February 9, 2010

books. reading. i love them. :) oh, and pictures. hahaha


Okay. Believe it or not, this is my personal least-favorite. I was fiddling around in my little program, and had a bit of fun. :)

I just love the natural light from the window sill. Three angled windows, though you can't see them. They're lovely.

That, my dear, is me. Nevermind that.
Then, that is the lovely copy of Mere Christianity that I got in the mail from my dear friend, Phelisha. :)
That book is sitting atop my favorite composition notebook (journal) to date. :) I decorate my journals. Yes. With a bit of potent permanent marker, by the end of my art session I'm scribbling strange-looking doodles and desperately in need of fresh air.
I'm just kidding.
It doesn't take that long for me to draw/write, etc if I'm inspired. :) Which, this one of course, was inspired. Wow. I love it. And the color of that notebook? couldn't beat it. The best for my favorite colored markers to show up on.

Talk about my favorite collage of these pictures. :) Yup.
These were randomly shot in the kitchen, on a countertop. Heh heh.
Ben, fortunately, is going to undertake the lovely job of refinishing our cabinets in the kitchen, pretty soon. I'm told I'll be helping him sometimes. With sanding. Oh, my favorite job. Yay.
(ah-hehe-hem. not really!!!)
But one can't complain. Especially in the case that I think the finish they've had since they were created . . . . um, quite a while back, is kind of yellowing.
But then, I'm not expert. :)

Today was a tea day. Tomorrow, the world.
Um. I mean... coffee. :)
It's this little schedule-type thing I'm on to assure mi parentals that I'm not addicted to coffee, and therefore can have days that are just tea and water. :) Yep. Cleanse my body. What a wonderful thing.
And it is, isn't it?

But, as I told PJ (Phelisha) the other day, two mugs a day really isn't that much coffee. Especially if you cut it down like I have: 2 days coffee, 1 day no coffee.
The first no-coffee day, I felt like I was on a fast. Have you ever fasted? Urgh, it can be soooo frustrating sometimes. Anna and I did 3 days, at the beginning of this year. Only drinking water and tea.
Ahem . . . I cheated slightly, getting energy and who knows what else by keeping with my everyday tradition of putting honey in my tea. ;)
But yes. I'm getting used to obstaining. Or however you say and/or spell that word.
It makes you enjoy it more when you do have it.
Just like with anything in life, y'know???

Well. I'm off to read more of Faking Grace, by Tamara Leigh.
Pretty good book. It's about a lady faking Christianity to get a job. Very interesting. And yes, it's Christian.
As if you were wondering... :)

What's sad is that Tea With Hezbollah goes back this Saturday, and I'm only like 50 pages into it, and no one else has hardly set hands on it since we brought home from the library. Need to just buy a copy. :) Brilliant idea, right?
Because gosh, I wanted to read more about Ted and Carl going into the Middle East and asking a bunch of random and important people (true story, here) what they think of Jesus' greatest teaching: Love your enemies.

Fascinating. And can you believe I didn't just devote every spare minute to that book?
Bad me.
Well . . . ya'll have a good night. The family's finishing up The Biggest Loser for tonight, and Danny's here tonight and is in a heck of a tired/whiny mood. Needs to be put down. In his bed. To sleep. :)


Jen said...

Haha...tomorrow the world. Lovely indeed. :)

I'm on a cleanse now too. Monday and most of Tuesday I did ALL water. OMG. I've never had to take trips to the bathroom so often in my life. :) Last night around 8 I incorporated grape juice--lovely stuff after a whole day and 3/4ths of water. :)

Good for you and the coffee cleansing days. Abstainence makes the coffee days more joyous, haha.

Brooke T. said...

Loverly following Bekah's World.
Ahh the decisions of life! Coffee or tea...water or food...lol
Thanks for sharing! Looking fwd to hearing what you thot of the parcel and its contents. Miss you!

beka said...

Jen, you are so right. Abstinence, indeed. ;)

Brookie, I loved the letter, etc... shall call you soon!