Friday, February 12, 2010

good days. productive, i say. ;)

I made broccoli soup. It's been a good day. ;) Quite productive, if I do say so myself.
Woke up earlier than I have the past few days (must be that going to sleep before 12:30am instead of after...heh heh) and at 12 noon it felt like 3 in the afternoon.
I cleaned the kitchen; all the counters are nicely scrubbed of anything, really... even the electric stove, which last week I didn't get to until Saturday. Then I proceeded to eat a white chocolate Lindt truffle from PJ. ;) So good. Then I journalled, then I started the broccoli soup. Broccoli is a fun word to spell. Type. Whatever.
Then I got an intense craving. I have these on the no-coffee days, and I've already had 2-3 mugs of green tea... I wanted chai.
And I had my chai. :) It was so good, and as long as you don't go into the psychological parallels of going for something second-best while you're waiting for the day you get what you really want, it was a really good mug of chai.
So I made a couple thingies for today. Just real fast, and it encapsulates what I snapped inbetween doing everything, even with garlicky fingertips. Heh heh.
Okay. That there is onions, and yes I chop straight on the laminate counter. Supposedly sometime we're getting new ones, after Bub refinishes the cabinets. Yay! Although I hate the thought of something accidentally flying out of the cupboard (like it has happened in the past) and just shattering right there, I guess it'll be nice to have new countertops.

That thing that I'm holding with a sweet smile? That is the Lindt truffle. :) And what's that in my hand? Garlic. :) I have daddy's hands, and nevermind, there's the garlic being minced. And thrown in with the onions to sautee. And suddenly, there's the broccoli, all ready to be steamed.

Ah, celery. :) When it's cooked right and placed in soups, etc., it's so good. Oh, and also maybe with either peanut butter or cream cheese... yummy.
Nevermind. I haven't had either of those things for a long time, just so ya know. But I have been having a problem with eating bread heels smothered in chunky peanut butter and Nutella. Ahe-he-hem. ;]
Oh-kay. Then, there's the celery and onions and garlic chilling, up in the right corner. Well, not chilling. They're getting hot. Just wait for my next sentence about them. ;)
Ahhhh, there's my chai tea! Love it. Then, the broccoli, steaming away. Lovely. And then, the celery-onions-garlic are really getting boiling mad or something. :) The point is, they're cooking. And that's good, because I hate it when they're raw.

Yesterday, was a good day, it really was. I took a ton of pictures, and me and Lyd went to the library together, it was a gorgeous day out to take a walk. So I will post those pictures soon . . . ? :) The sky was brilliant, I tell you. Brilliant.
My broccoli soup is done, also in it, a couple packages of this: 
Ah, cheese. Yay. Makes me excited.
(just kidding. i did not just go off the deep end, as Anna sits here with her Bible and tells Caleb randomly, 'today is a good day to die!' to quote Robin Hood's Little John.)
Well, I think I must go now.... those awesome pictures from yesterday's walk will be coming soon............. but for now, have a lovely evening. :)
It's my dish day, and heck, I like it way better than vacuuming. This, is standing in one spot most of the time, not running around picking up household and family stuff, moving things so I can . . . vacuum. It might now sound logical, but hey. Did I say I was very logical??? ;) Actually, I am sometimes.
What's your favorite household duty/chore??? :D
Laundry, vacuuming, kitchen, dishes, . . . . .?

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