Tuesday, February 23, 2010

some people just don't know how to restrain themselves...hey, i'm not talking about me! ;)

Yay, I'm celebrating 15 Followers with the thought of a hot mug of green-peach tea. ;)
And, I randomly found Joy Williams and her new, funky little addition to her musical journey of life...sheesh, that was a long, wordy sentence for this late at night.
The Civil Wars.
Once again, I have practically nothing to say, except for the fact that Mom, Anna and I had a wonderfee time at Target and stop-in at Caribou . . . I got a medium of the daily brew, drizzled in a wee bit of half-and-half, and tore open a cute little brown packet of Sugar In The Raw. Mmmmm. :)
This is me and one of those darn good books responsible for keeping me up late at night...into the morning. #1: Operation: Firebrand.  
So good. :)
This is, of course, the sky on our way home from Target. :) Where we had a good time, and Anna went temporarily crazy...we dropped a bit of moula (not literally; we bought a few things) . . . But do you see that sky? Yahweh is amazing.
Somehow, I've found I just can't restrain myself from taking pictures . . . and more pictures. :)
This, my friends, is Danny boy. He was . . . um, I believe working on his diaper. And maybe a bit sleepy. Who knows. We picked him up from his grandma's to watch him for a few hours. Before this picture was taken, though, he was grinning at me and stealing glances while pretending shyness:)
So, I believe this one speaks for itself. :) The road. Stretching out before us.
. . . And I think it's time for bed now.
Well, at least get in bed and pick up a book...
[Last: #3: Operation Firebrand: Deliverance.]
By Jefferson Scott, peoples. Check him out. Sorry I didn't have much of interest to say tonight . . . going off to read . . .  (excuse me while I go off in my brain to think--) James. Yes, in the Bible. And yes, it's the book that talks about how the tongue has a lot of power --to start fires and wound and curse and bless.


LeAnna said...

Love the pics, they capture winter beauty (yes! there is such a thing?!?!) and the pic of Danny boy is precious, too. Even if he was fixing to load his britches up. ;)

beka said...

Hehe, I know. :)
Thanks, Leanna.