Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hey unlovely, I will love you...


Hello everyone. :)
Unlike some less-privileged people, I didn't get out of bed until 3pm. I feel I need to inform you that I have never slept in that late, much less without taking a shower since the day before. (ew) But if you're a girl, you'll understand I had a legitimate reason. I happen to be one of those who stays in bed most of that first day.
But I did get out of bed, and last night I did start on one of those 3 library books I have, so I'm making slow progress and everything. :) Church was good, I went last minute with Dad when he came home from the farm and got ready. Gosh, but I love this t-shirt. (sorry, randomness coming here) It was given to me lately, just (haha) randomly, and it's dark army grey-green, and it has a rocket, a smiley-face moon, and some stars on the front, all of which look colored on with a type of marker, although it's normal paint stuff that you normally find on t-shirt fronts. :)
I thought I'd share that with you. It's kind of whimsy, as Anna put it, and it pairs so well with these blue-green plaid pj pants I got from Wally-World (Wal-Mart) for only $8 freaking dollars. Nice, huh? Oh yeah. I love that price. It doesn't hurt too much. ;) $12 hurts more.

I love this song. Sorry I'm so random tonight, must be all the hormones. ;]
This is an excerpt from the song Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape; by Underoath. I love this song, and one of our distant cousins had this playing during their supposedly-aboslutely-sweet unique personally written vows last summer, and darn it, their voices were not miked, so therefore we heard this lovely song and not them at all...Anna and I were so bummed.
But while we strained our ears in hopes of hearing at least an echo in the big, airy, beautiful pale-ice-blue-architecturey church, we heard this song, and I recognized the voice of Aaron Gillespie (The Almost, and also the drummer for Underoath) singing. Of course, the sound guy faded it out beautifully in the quiet space before Spencer Chamberlain (the screamer of the band, yes, it's more than a slightly screamo band...hahah) started screaming the next lyrics before the end of the song, so when we went home, (I already had basically all of Underoath's CDs) I listened to it with another reason to like it; it reminded me of the wedding, and how it was unlike any others we've went to... in different ways I shall not discuss right now, because I need to go! Maybe fry an egg, because I'm hungry and have basically starved until 3pm, ate a yummy rice dish Anna cooked up in my absence, and then drank an Oregon vanilla chai that I mixed up before leaving for church.
So here are a few lyrics, and have a good night.

Hey unlovely, I will love you
Hey unfaithful I will teach you
To be stronger
Hey ungraceful I will teach you
To forgive one another
Hey unfaithful I will teach you
To be stronger
Hey unloving
I will love you
And will love you

For those of you not accustomed to my sometimes really-random-randomness, I thought I would just randomly blog, because I would. And I did. Just see it as a sign that I like comments. And I love ya'll. :) Sleep good!

And know that God loves you, no matter how unlovely you are.
(repeats to self: God loves me no matter how unlovely I am...)
We all need to know that. It's whether we care or not, that depends on how we live our lives... that's one of my thoughts on it, anyways.
G'night!!! for the last time... ;)

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Samantha said...

I for one, enjoy random blog posts. (Especially on my friends blogs. ;)