Saturday, February 20, 2010

paintings, and help. we need it badly. :) admit it!!!

Can you say 'cute'?

And then this one:

I follow FarmGirl's blog, so I saw her link off for her Etsy shop and took a look. Too bad I'm not looking to spend $50. :) They're beautiful!

Is that not adorable? Inspiring? Just..... I love it. :)
Love the tight-rope looking one. :)

And with two mugs of Bolivian Blend from Trader Joe's in me, along with a bowl of healthy broccoli-potato-turmeric curry, and a kitchen mostly cleaned, I'm hopping off for now.
(as if this blog thing were a train...?) 

The book Operation: Firebrand is 3/4 done, and it's really good. Two more in the series after it, thank goodness. I hate when it's a book you like alot and then it's . . . suddenly . . . over.

Just to be wonderfully random:

For I, the Lord your God,
hold your right hand;
it is I who say to you, "Fear not,
I am the one who helps you."
Isaiah 41:13

He helps me. Helps me love, helps me . . .
Great. The word help is now starting to look very, very odd. Has that ever happened to you? Keep typing a word, and soon you think you're going insane because the word is losing its meaning and look of normalcy. Ay yi yi.
But anyways, yeah. We're helpless without help. Of any sort, really, in any situation, in any hard place.
You can take that and run with it, or else you can pretend you just want to sit and think of nothing but the next site you're going to hop on.
But we all need to admit we need help, and not be such stubborn fools, pushing our way through scenes in our life that won't come again.

I really need to go clean that kitchen, and listen to The Almost.

We can't get or ask for help from just anyone, either. Have you noticed that?


showmewhatyoucan_hurtmeifyouwantto said...

Hmm. Just wanted to say that after much speculation, my hair has sort of grown on me. Altho I miss the length. Still, it will grow. It will grow.

beka said...

I knew it would, dearie. :)