Saturday, February 27, 2010

a wedding, and tons of pictures.

Goodness gracious.
A total of 653 pictures.
Between Mom, Anna, Rachel and I. Three cameras. 1pm-5pm. Wow.
This is just a wee little taste of it. :) Just them.
Lovely. :)
The outside ones were so fun, though so cold for her, darnit.
I feel sorry for winter brides...Spring pictures would be so much fun to take at a wedding. :) Just a few wistful thoughts.

That's all for today. Tired.
In need of food.
And a book.
And a mug of tea. (ya, i already had coffee. hahaha... finished off the starbucks that pj gave me...mmmm. :))
And sleep, as Anna so kindly reminds me, looking over my shoulder. ;)
Mmmmm, I read Joshua chapter 2 this morning, go read it. It's good. The whole Rahab and the two spies.... go read it. :)

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LeAnna said...

I totally agree, if you can all help it, have a spring/summer wedding! :) Of course when you find THE man, all of the sudden the time of the year flies out the window, but ya know, just food for thought. ;)