Friday, February 12, 2010

a lovely walk. pictures. soup report.

There we are, heading down the sunny, snowy sidewalk. :)
Before that, I visited Anna (where she was nannying sammi and reese) and I got the privilege (haha) of feeding Reese pureed beans (ewwww!)  and Cheerios. He's so cute. Love his eyes.
Then, look at that sun. Wow. God is awesome. I'm having an outdoor wedding. (actually, that wasn't planned; that was quite random, i assure you.) Lyd and I just oohed and ahhed over how it was captured. The sun. I mean, it obviously doesn't take a 5million-dollar Canon to get a picture of beauty. I love it.

Then, there's us after the library. :)
Sister dates. We love 'em.
A small Irish Cream cappuccino, and a raspberry-jam-filled almond scone. It's amazing. God was sooo brilliant when He inspired that scone in the inventor's head. (heh heh)
Lyd was sucking the whipped cream off the top after we took off the cover.
[yeah, it was a no-make-up day. dontcha all just love those?? who the heck cares what ya look like when you go to thhe library and local coffee shop? i mean, as long as there's not been a history of cute guys coming in . . . just kidding. there really hasn't, darn it. what freedom! --that was me, and that sentence? also known as sarcasm. ;) ahem.]

Okay. Well. It was a beautiful day, as you all can see.

And there's us, on the way home. All bundled up. :) I normally wear a hat, but really? The sun was on the job today, which was lovely.

See that sky?
Ah, wow.

What just happened:
Anna: What are you doing, Caleb?
Caleb: Nothing much. :) He stands at the stove, a ladle in hand and a cup in the other. A little sneaky much?
I look up, and he looks at me. Grins. A very flattering grin. As in, flattering to me, because followed with these words, what else is it?
It's good, Beka!
As in, don't stop me, I'm a hungry boy, and for once I'll say your cooking is good without following it with constructive criticism!
Ha. I guess this soup is kinda addicting, or so says Anna to Dad on the cell right now.

Can't wait, Sunday Heather and Stephanie are coming for a sleepover, and tomorrow I'm making --I think-- a lemon cheesecake...
Have a good night, ya'll!


Brooke T. said...

lovely pics...what great sister times are available to us if we will just take them, eh? Live it up, as you do, Beka, and God bless!
Ah, and the no makeup. Way to go. You are beautiful either way and more genuinely so it would seem without makeup. After all, its all about BEing and not the IMAGE. Image. It's our main concern in America. rgggg... I've let that ensnare me for far too long. Keep pressin on, girl. I love yoU!

beka said...

Thanks, dear, you gave me something more to think about . . . so true; the image thing!!!
Love you too:)