Wednesday, February 17, 2010

one of my favorite authors: karen hancock

Her last book was The Enclave, but what made me fall in love with her books and writing was Arena. :) Sci-fi, maybe, but she hooked me.
I don't visit her site, because I'm too busy with life computer stuff and blogging...and Facebook. But here's her site if you want to know more about her...

. . .  .Sorry, a picture of Karen is next to impossible for me to find right now, urgh . . . So, my dears, you'll have to settle for the cover of #1 in the LotGK series. (big smile)
Her Legend of the Guardian King series is amazing. Anna, Dad and I have read them, all 4 lovely books... Wow. Yeah, they're really, really, really good. :) Allegory going on, there's suspense, romance, mystery, action, some freaky parts that had me biting my nails...but then, for those of you who know me, that's not abnormal. :) Oh well. It's that kind of mixed-wonderfully book series. :)

Dad, looking over my shoulder, said "What, you're reading about my books? The Abramm books? Did ya tell them they need to make them into movies?" Obviously he didn't see the Blogger icon or really know what it means... :) But, to say it again, they would make positively lovely films. But I say, if someone butchers them, I'm going to find out where they live... ;)

Read them. :) Pretty darn sure you won't regret it.

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