Friday, February 5, 2010

etsy, underoath, and coffee

^^^ That, my dears, is what I call the trusty-always-there-for-me (Lifetime, that's the brand, not just my word for it, haha) tea kettle. The top thing is, obviously, the only thing that's made it able for me to make the lovely brew called coffee that past couple days. :) Oh, and the gallon pickle jar with the amber liquid in it? That is kombucha tea that I have yet to put down in a warm spot by the cookstove to be covered with a sheet so it's dark and it can ferment. Um, not to the point of being alcohol, but it's rather a fermented tea. :) Google it. Kombucha tea. It's good for your liver and kidneys, and balanced your pH, and other healthy stuff like that. (praise be to God! something to reverse the damage all this coffee's probably doing to me! even though i barely drink 2 cups on the on-coffee days, and 3 on a very coffee day, and you know about those days off! i cleanse, peoples, i'm not spiraling down...;))
Oh, also, it's good for healthy weight loss, but if you're under-weight, it'll help you gain a bit of healthy weight, and if you're over weight, it'll help you lose a healthy amount of weight...over time. At least, that's what I've read. And you're supposed to drink it after a meal is you want to gain, and before a meal if you want to lose... Don't ask me if it works, I've just read it. But it tastes good, and a few friends have said it tastes like a light wine...which it isn't, of course.
Daddy and Lyd made French toast today, sandwiched with cheddar cheese. Ever had it like that? Oh, and cooked up in a very-well buttered skillet. Mmmm...

Ah, yes. Today is a coffee day. Tuesday was, Wednesday wasn't, Thursday was, and so is today. :)
Domani (italian for tomorrow) I will not be drinking coffee. It might not make a heck of a difference, but it sounds good to everyone in the house . . . ;)

Last night I stayed up till . . . 2am-ahem. :( I'm not too proud of it, but darnit, I couldn't put the book down. (stealing adda, by tamara leigh) And after it, believe it or not, I actually found some inspiration to write in my journal with more than the obligatory basicality stuff of normal life. A bit of jazz, if you'll let me say.

So today I made a pot of coffee --once again, with the teakettle and its amazing top attachment, because the coffeemaker is still not home yet-- using the rest of the Starbucks house blend from Heather and Stephanie (coming in on the next brilliant cast list next time I want hours of laptop time...ahem) and a few tablespoons of decaf French Caramel Cream, just to make myself feel better . . . how, I don't know. It's the illusion of having not full-caffeinated coffee? Gosh. I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. :) We fool ourselves into thinking/believing the silliest and most absurd things sometimes.

Um. Back on subject. With coffee in hand, laptop on lap, camera loading in gorgeous pictures, loading pictures for Etsy stuff Mom listed last night (Ben's pens) and doing some spelling with Lyd... Anna's nannying the children next door. (if nannying is a i made it up, i get a prize. ha. but i doubt it.)

Oh, don't forget the music playing. Underoath. :) What a multipurposing type of music. Um. Yeah. They have got some of the best lyrics I've seen/read/heard. No matter what form they're sung in... ;) heh heh.

Take this song for instance. It's called Desolate Earth: the end is here

You said there was nothing left down here
Well, I roamed around the wasteland
And I swear I found something
I found hope, I found God
I found the dreams of the believers
Oh God save us all

I was telling Ben about this song, and showed him the lyrics. He loved them. Of course. (actually, i'm slightly boasting there, if you couldn't tell?)

Well, I need to get on those spelling lists... I love spelling, and so does Lyd. It's just one of thise many things she kind of inherited from me. I'm kidding. But, she's 10 years younger than me, and Rachel is 10 years younger than Anna, and guess what? Our respective younger sisters are a ton like us... in looks, face shape, (besides the fact that rach is blonde and anna is brunette, nevermind that one) and in attitudes and habits. Ahem. Not such a good thing sometimes, as I can see the same type of stuff in Lyd, taking after me in the same way I have done things when I'm ticked off or something. Kind of freaky to have someone follow after you close like that.
Makes you think. A lot. Heh heh.

I'm off, peoples. :) Come back later for more interesting stuff from . . . the kitchen. :) Or wherever I am, you know.

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Brooke T. said...

finally backtracked and read this...hehe Beka, your coffee-talk makes me laugh! Haha! Ahhh....what a lady you are, my dear. Your ways are humorous and fun.
Love you!