Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wordless wednesday: sunrise through a window.

Click on it for a larger view... here's one with words...just messing around with it... 

Here's one SOOC (straight out of camera):
This was Sunday morning...

Love it. :)

Anyways, this is not to be a completely wordless wednesday. Haha.
Last night we got Love Finds A Home from the library, and watched it...and besides a few tacky feminist scenes, it was pretty decent. (laughs)
A friend from church lent us a couple series of books, Operation: Firebrand by Jefferson Scott, which I'm reading... And the other series, by Jake Theone, which Ben is reading first. There are several parts to the first book, but last night I read Part 1: Death of a Navy SEAL... It's good. The book, I mean. I think there's like 5 parts to it... Don't know. :) I'll find out, though.
Very interesting. It reminds me of the days a few years ago when I read through most of Dee Henderson's books...FBI, forensics, negotiators and firefighters... Fascinating, really. :)

Anna made carbonara for lunch, and I read from Matthew 7 amidst Danny screaming for his matchbox truck and Rachel, Lyd and Ben trying to keep him happy. Ahem. I just wanted a piece of tape. (just kidding, but really. they all just love antagonizing each other! and today was one of those days!)
Well. Have a lovely Wednesday. Hopefully not wordless. ;)


LeAnna said...

Beautiful pics, girl!

beka said...

Thanks, dear. It's not that often (lucky for me, maybe, maybe not) that I'm up for the sunrise. :( :)

Samantha said...

Hmm Silence is golden, but Duct tape is silver...
jk! I wouldn't really do that...I do remember having regular tape on my mouth as a kiddo...probably said something mean tho! hehe
The sunrising is beautiful..I am so bad, I think I should get up earlier one day so I can see it rise!