Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what a beautiful day. what a beautiful weekend. thank God. :)

Sometime when I have it all down in my notebook, I shall write a wee bit about Jen and PJ's visit, but right now I'm slightly tired (haha), need a piece of chocolate, and need to get off this thing, but for the responsibility to burn in several CDs to put on an important someone's iPod. Hmm. Then, I shall be free to get off this electronic trap. ;)

But just for the record, we had a lovely time. Went to Starbuck's and hung out with friends (yes, yes, I'm making another cast list--more friends, and out-of-state-friends! yay!) for an hour and a half or so. Then we took them to the Amtrak and said . . . .well, I don't believe I can manage saying "goodbye". I said "talk to you later", and they smiled and Jen started in on that one Say Goodbye song by Skillet. Which of course made me cry even more, what with these darned hormones coming around just in time. Grr. :) Though this song is kinda guy-girl, just zone that vibe out. (wow, sounds kinda technical or something, haha)

Don't say goodbye
'cause I don't want to hear those words tonight
'cause maybe it's not the end for you and I
and although we knew this time would come for me and you
don't say anything tonight
if you're going to say goodbye

So yes. Hm. I did not hold up very well. :)
But Anna and I are going to pray very hard that He will work out a visit before it's 2 years again. Because golly, it was a good time. Amazing.
We drank coffee. We talked into the godly hours of the morning (wink). We prayed. We walked. We laughed. (who doesn't?) We cooked. :) We drank tea. (actually, I think we drank more tea than coffee) We sang. We gave impromptu massages, just because PJ's back was out of whack. ;)

And I'm stopping before I totally let all my inspiration out on here and not with my pen on some designated paper. :)
Have a good Tuesday evening, peoples, and . . . I hope we have something comfort-foody tonight for dindin because I'm in need for some, and Biggest Loser is on tonight. Seriously now, we have (gasp!) eaten homemade apple slices/cobbler while watching that show, and are we guilty? Do we regret it? Nah. ;) Though one night Anna made us that yummy vegetarian chickpea curry for dinner during that, we felt good about ourselves but it wasn't the same... hahaha.
I think I'm going to stop ending my posts with hahaha's. It might get a little annoying, and in fact it is doing just that to me. :)

It's amazing how God created friendship. Wow. Oh, and I love waking up dozing friends...just to talk some more... :) It's a pretty amusing thing to do, and I'm going now! Really I am!
But one last thing (yes, yes, you're not the only one putting up with this 'one last thing' stuff; PJ had to hear it several times every one of the four lovely nights...er, should I say mornings?;) ........Whenever I was thinking about today, their leaving date, PJ told me "Don't get all contemplative! Don't!" with a smile. Like really, read my mind, would ya? So I'd distract my thoughts with a path much less dreary: the books I have waiting at home to read.
Hinds' Feet on High Places
my Bible
Tea with Hezbollah
and those 3 books from the library that I mentioned in a previous post....

Once again, peoples, another add-on to the cast list is coming! :) Love those, don't you?
And for the last time today, Goodnight.
Go in peace.
(no, I'm not a hippy! you try reading tea with hezbollah one week and having lovely friends over for 4 beautiful days! then see if you're very violent; no, I don't think so. ;) plus, hey. love your darn little enemies. or try.)

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