Thursday, February 18, 2010

kiss cake and randomness.

We didn't make kiss cake.
Awwww, darn. :)
But we made apple pie. And the childrens are watching Up! . . . They really need to turn it off. Right now.
Call me weird, but both times they watched it (night and then the next day), I cried for the first half an hour. Both times. Call me emotional, but there was absolutely no reason for me to be so, trust me. 
Praise be--it's turned off, now, and a different one put in. :) I'm happy.
Not in the mood to cry, to see or hear that movie. Urgh...

Well, back to that apple pie...
We make ours in a pan. Not a pie plate thingy. A pan. I don't know the exact inches, but it's bigger than a 9x13 and we do it with a crust on the bottom and a crust on top. Dad very much dislikes crumble top, don't ask me why. :) I just like how with crust, we sprinkle brown sugar and little shavings of butter over top and then pop it into the oven to bake and get beautiful. ;) Oh, I didn't mention that our apple pie is deep. Lots of apples. Which means, of course, that it takes like 2 hours to bake...but it's always worth it. To be cliche, the best things in life are always worth it. The wait. The pushing through. The waiting more and more, longer and longer.
I'm off to read more of operation: Firebrand. It's pretty interesting. :)

Sorry this post was slightly boring, but let me make it funny and talk about kiss cake, for those of you who don't know what on God's wonderful green Earth it is. :)
Kiss cake, is a very lovely thing.
It is extra pieces of crust. You place it on a cookie sheet, and generously brown sugar it. :) Then, little nicks of butter scattered at random. Ah, it gets good.
Then, if you're not averse to cinnamon, sprinkle that on a wee bit.
Stick the thing in the oven and let it get hot, bubbly, crispy. :) Golden brown is what you're aiming for...
Then, you take it out of the oven, and eat that while you wait for your pie to finish up. Ahhhhh. . . . . surely God thought it was a brilliant idea when he inspired the first kiss-cake-maker. He probably whispered in that person's ear. Yep. Make of the best ideas ever. I am so not kidding here.

Oh, I just remembered. I need to make a wee bit of an honorable mention of the chicken alfredo pasta we (anna and i) got to take part of, quite randomly, next door this evening. :) Oh, it was good. Too bad Sammi's such a slow eater. I mean, really. ;) But my goodness, it was. So. Good. Well, if you were worried about calories, (like Anna hinted to me on our way to our own back door afterwards) you would be tortured when faced with a bowl of that stuff.  
(thank you, ken!! and skylar, your hair is lovely. your welcome. i like it alot, no matter how much you were freaking out as i snipped off those fried, horrible ends. hehehe. all those dead ends are gone, and eventually, if you take up some more foods rich in protein, it will grow out faster and better/healthier, hopefully, than last time it was short, but horribly done so! lol ;))

Good night, all. I'm off to read.

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