Saturday, February 6, 2010

an off-coffee day... slow but okay.

Hm. Today has been a pretty good day. Shared a peanut-butter-and-nutella open-face sandwich with Danny, cleaned the kitchen again and again, trying to make it look decent. I succeeded for the most part, but have yet to touch the electric stove top, which need to be taken care of.

Nothing that interesting has happened, sorry to say.

Oh, wait. :)
Yesterday I made focaccia (foh-kah-cha) bread, and took it to Grandpa's birthday party with the fam... We arrived before everyone else, which frankly never happens, so we were wondering if it was even the right night. (haha) But sure enough, after several of us were already sitting at the table taking part of some good pizza, focaccia bread, and salad with Grandma's ohmigoodness homemade croutons, they started coming in small droves. (see, my dad has 5 siblings, and therefore they bring their 2ish kids and friends with, and so therefore we have a nice-sized gathering at family gatherings like these, no matter how distant we know some or not.;))
I got several compliments on my bread while sitting next to the kitchen island, several times offering the info on said bread, smiling when Anna said "I should cook something for family gatherings--then I'd be famous too!" Oh right. You so have me laughing. ;)
Before us kids went down with a few cousins to play a good ol' game of Mau, I carried on a little mini-conversation with one of my uncle's . . . ahem . . . good guy-friends. :) God love him, he liked my henna and asked about it, after hovering near my left elbow for a while. Not exactly the straightest guys on the planet, my one uncle and his friends, but I've got some thoughts. Amongst them: black and white really does exist. Um. More on that later, and not just pointing at someone's more obvious crap... :) Should be a good post coming up soon.

After reading more of Stealing Adda last night, and keeping myself to a decent hour, I wrote and finished my current composition notebook. :) Excited, that I am. So, I finished it at exactly 12:30am, and then went to bed. Good little me.
Now I need to stock up on some good composition notebooks from . . . well, my favorite was from Target for .99 so I gotta go there soon, hope to find on like it. Several like it, in fact.

The focaccia bread recipe (and photos! i snapped them without flash all through the whole beautifully delicious process) is coming soon...
Tonight I have to practice more of Psalm 23, the song by Michael Olson (never heard of him until mom wanted to do this song) that we're singing tomorrow at church, and I think some of us are going to great-uncle Eugene's church to sample his chili and vote... :)

Have a good night, because I have to go . . . certain family member is getting a tad bit grumpy at how life just is.


You know what perks a person up, though, is a bowl of yogurt-granola-raspberries-and-pecans. Can you say wow? Oh yeah. But I need to go. Like now.

But oh, I could've gone for a cup of joe earlier. Like when I was ironing and listening to Hillsong's This Is Our God album, for a change. You know today is an off day, but that will make it all the more loved tomorrow. :)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
(that is typed with coffee in mind, but take it as you will.)

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Samantha said...

I like your second to last sentence. =D
I will enjoy seeing the pictures of the focaccia bread! =)
We had a tea party today, and we drank Good Earth Mangosteen Superfruit Tea. It was very good! Tasted like little shops sometimes smell. Yummy. I am not much of a tea drinker usually, but then since eating much less sugar, the tea tastes much better to me. ;)
Fun fun!