Thursday, February 4, 2010

coffee. and coffee. and henna tattoos.

I want this. Um, the link thingie... :)

It'd be nice...someday...? ;) Though it's not something I'd actually need. We've talked about this before. Ha.

Or even this, maybe? Heard of them, never seen one in real life or used one...

But this, above all of the above, I would like... It's my favorite type of mug, seeing as how Mom has probably 4 of these types, (M-Ware) pale green, with the logo for Young Living --the therapeutic-grade essential oils she's into.

But I can tell you this: I'm not going to be buying any of that stuff anytime soon... Not that I can't, but just that I won't. :)

I'm happy where i am, and that happens to be sitting in Daddy's chair at the table, hacking the neighbor's wi-fi, ;) snuggled in my black Love 1 Peter 4:8 hoodie, blue plaid pj pants, cozy but not my most colorful or stylish socks, and my rocket-stars-and-smiley-face-moon shirt again. Not a good hair day. (can anyone say 'amen'? ;))

I think I forgot to say that on Sunday, inbetween sneaking glances of Emma, we did henna tattoos. I was the main artist, and that night came to the point that I will, indeed, be adding "henna" to the other things you'll find at that coffee shop people keep telling me I'm going to run someday. Imagine: coffee, henna tattoos, and . . . um, er . . . cards. :) Rachel and Lyd make some pretty sweet cards, and who knows? Gotta have some other forms of trade keeping the shop alive. :)

So . . . the coffee maker is still over at Gram's from the weekend of usage, and I'm heating up some water (yes, on the electric; don't tell Dad!) to brew some 1/2 regular Starbucks Dad randomly bought this weekend, and 1/2 decaf French Caramel Cream Berres Brothers... Ah. ;) Anyone want to join me??
Now that the water is heated up sufficiently, (ha, i walked over and found it boiling like an evil cauldron) and is brewing...I'm going to go catch up on writing someone I haven't since early January, bad me.
Have a lovely afternoon. <3


Samantha said...

I like this post. Its like a happy peak into your life!

beka said...

Yup.... :) Quite happy indeed. heh heh

Actually, yes, I just skimmed it, and ya, it is like you're peeking in the kitchen window... ha. How fun. :D
Glad you liked it. :)