Thursday, February 4, 2010

my dresser. and a picture depicting it in a certain phase. :)

This, friends, is the top of my dresser. I'm organized, but this was at a more over-flowing stage... ahem. :)

You'll see that the focus of the picture is on Rachel's purple coffee mug she got at a local pottery place and painted, and my dark-brown-and-cream-swirly coffee mug that Anna gave to me for Christmas. Both mugs, filled with a nice, dark brew and lightened with some of our whole milk Dad brings home from the farm. Basically, if you're not used to the richness, you might almost take it ...almost as half-and-half. It isn't, but since it's not had all the things done to it that even normal Vitamin D milk from the store has had done to it . . . but we're not here to discuss the politics of milk and its components.

You'll also see the fabric folded right behind my mug, which is a beautiful, soft and elegant cream-and-lavender cotton print that I have plans for. A simple wrap-around skirt from the book I got from the library called Weekend Sewing, by Heather Ross. Someday I shall get around to it, and Mom's been mentioning it once in a while that she'll help me and everything... Let's just say and hope that I'll get it done before spring time. ;)

Then, you see to the far left, the socks. They don't necessarily look like socks becaus eof their rolled-up nature, and no, peoples, I don't clutter my drawers with socks. Drawers are for clothes, and where I put my socks is right where you see them right here in this picture. ;) So. Randomly, after dinner one time, we learned how to roll socks, military-style, when Nathan was back home for Christmas, and half of us kids take the time to treat our socks to the efficient way of storing and not losing them, and half of us don't care. (ahem, like anna. i haven't checked in the boys' drawers, haha, but i'm pretty sure rach and lyd roll their socks.)

Next, the books. :) Ted Dekker's Blink is really good. Karen Kingsbury's Even Now and Ever After, a couple of the not-so-many books of hers I actually like... The Lowlands of Scotland by Liz Curtis Higgs, and The O'Malley series by Dee Henderson.

Hm. Darn it, I have to go vacuum. Let me tell you, I would rather wash a big load of dishes (remember that we have 9 people in our family) than vacuum...just the main level, but still. It's just one of my most disliked chores ever. Sigh.

Have a good afternoon. If you don't have to vacuum, enjoy the feeling for me. :)


Farmgirl Paints said...

Loved your happy list. I hate vacuuming too. My husband has been gracious enough to take over for me. Thank you LORD!

beka said...

Ha, that's awesome. ;) Hopefully in the future, someday, mine will too...when I have one... :)

Samantha said...

Yes, I would agree that the milk is almost like half & is very yummy! I and I love baking with it if we have any that goes sour! So much different than store milk for sure!
That is an interesting story about the socks! Now I would be happy to keep all my socks in my dresser, but I really do not like keeping my clothes in there..ahem yeah. lol

beka said...

I will totally have to teach you the sock thing next time we see each other.... ;)

Jana said...

Miss Beka! Thanks for coming to say hello and reading some of our love story! I am at the blissdom conference this week but I promise you I will
a) start writing it soon!
b)catch up on your posts!!!

Jen said...

I loved this fresh water post, Beka. ;) I can hear your voice saying and articulating every detail, and that makes it more fun.
Your dresser is very you! Don't be anything other than the you Jesus made you. Cause I love her. :hug:

beka said...

Thanks Jana!! Love it when people give some blog love. ;) And yes, I looooove your love story. ;) Keep it coming. Thank you for stopping by to read! <3

Thanks, Jen dear. :) Miss you. Give PJ a hug for me. :)