Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wordless wednesday

Too bad for Bubby; he had to fill in for a sick farm helper, and therefore woke up wayyyyyy before the crack of dawn (3:30am, anyone? and he says to tell everyone that I'm standing on tiptoes...haha) . . . He's so tired. :) But I made him look alive. Somewhat.

Ah, Starbucks brewed . . . (thank you, PJ!) 
And the mug, I loooove. ;) (thanks, heath and steph!)

There. It so was not a wordless wednesday.
But you're okay with that, right? And besides, I had to explain why Ben looked so . . . haggard. ;) Anyways, g'day!!!


LeAnna said...

I lurv your coffee mug, that is just too cute.

beka said...

I know; and it's totally and books. ;) hehe

Farmgirl Paints said...

I would be drooping major if I got up at 3:30...poor thing.

beka said...

I know! :) Good thing it's only once in a blue moon... :)