Wednesday, July 27, 2011

artistic endeavors: a face.

first of all,
the civil wars is amazing live.
back in ____ we went to see them with heath, steph, and a few others. amazing, i tell you.
and i'm in love with this song.

on the evening of july 2, something exciting happened.
i was shocked, okay? one my most favorite authors ever [lisa samson] liked a status of mine.
yep. i was psyched. :)

this canvas stretched me.
well, it was more like going back to my roots.
when i was a younger kiddo, faces and sunsets and houses and dresses were the only thing i drew.
i'm posting this just to document it and narrate. i didn't know what i was planning when i tried painting a face.
hah, i wasn't planning anything; i bet that's pretty clear.
i loved working with black and white, though.
well, it's 5:27pm, cloudy, breezy and rainy . . . i'm off to church.
i may write more later. who knows.

it's storming.
but the areas above and below ours seems to be getting the worst of it, according to the radar weather map...
on nights like these, with a cup of decaf by my side, those sites are always interesting.
back to early july, though.
this was the morning sky on july 3.
breathe in a morning sky and coffee. ohh dear. :)
yesterday had a clear sky...this morning i woke to thunder and rain; went back to sleep for a few hours.
tomorrow night has something interesting in store. i'll probably have to write about it. :) but honestly, i don't think i'm taking my camera. oh wait. maybe i do want to....
and here's danny, fresh from a shower [because, you know, little boys need to bath or they won't smell good ever] with his barney. :) 
his cheeks are just yummy.
see? yummy. he's such a part of our family it's not even funny. we've been watching him several times a week since he was 10 months old. he's going to be 4 in november. dangit, he's so big now! even just in the past month, his imagination and vocabulary and everything has skyrocketed. it's crazy.
alright. well, i've got a few other things to read, so i'll say g'night. :)
yay for catching up one canvas post at a time. ;)


Natalie said...

Can't wait to see how the painting turns out! =D

Marisa Hopkins said...

Beka, I LOVE that!! Very lovely :)

charla beth said...

wow, girl. that painting turned out awesome. seriously? wow, i can't get over it. you have an amazing gift.

and danny is absolutely adorable. definitely a sucker for those dark eyes and his sweet, sweet smile!

Consider The Lilies said...

that painting is seriously AMAZING beka. wow. teach me? :) i used to draw eyes a lot back in middle school and high school. not sure why but i just found them beautiful. i havent drawn or painted much lately but your posts always inspire me to go back to it :)