Saturday, July 9, 2011

no words. oh, but ipod pictures. dear goodness.

gosh. these past few days....
eh, i don't have words.
today, mom, rach and i shot a wedding and reception....
i'm so done with this day.
^^ taken with my nikon earlier today...but the rest of the photos? 
sorry,sister ipod time!! never again, i promise. ;)
but let me say this:
italian roast by trader joe's is wonderful stuff. and their coffee prices are amazing [compared to how our co-op's coffee prices have spiked beyond my reasoning]. and i can't wait to talk to heather soon tonight.
i know, this is just one more on that list of everyone-using-filters-and-iphones-etcetera, but rach took this of me yesterday, while she was making me laugh and try to pose with my camera.
i told rach i was going to post this.
of the 3 pictures we took this morning after we woke up late, this was the best.
the other one, she looked a bit too insane for public viewing. ;) face screwed up in a goofy smile, looking like a gramma or something.
just sayin', i slept with my makeup on.
during the reception.
rach's ipod, once again. but no filter. ;)
crappy resolution though. :P
anyhow, you all know i'm spoiled with my nikon d3000. moving on.
rach's blingbling is the nuk of a cute little nearly-2-month-old, audrey. random child of a random lady of a random relative of the bride?
um, don't ask me how that works.
some people are like don', and some people are like hey, you're invited to my relative's wedding? well, sure, since you asked and you look safe, you can hold my baby girl.
just speculating here.
i've had experiences with both kinds.
oh, what, you want to see the cutie?
here she is:
sadly, we'll probably never see that sweetie again.
she curled up perfectly in my arms, if you can see.

and she slept 95% of the time between 2pm-7.
i'll give you some real pictures next time.
as in, not ipod ones. nikon ones.
i'm tired.
i bet i'll sleep like a rock in the sun tonight.
speaking of which, the wedding ended up being held in the backyard of a teeny-tiny baptist chapel in a small town, and it was a sunny 80-something day today.
my left arm --the side of me that had the sun-- has a definite pink/white  short-sleeve line. :P

anyhow, good night!!
[what coffee or tea have you been drinking lately?]


Natalie said...

aww! she's so tiny and adorable! =)

LeAnna said...

Haha, I love your observances of people and their children. I so wish my AF lenses would work for your 3100, but they won't auto focus on that model. I'm selling them cheap, too!

chambanachik said...

She's a little sweetheart! Sounds like a long but good day.

Whitney said...

Aw precious little baby =)
I'm gonna have to try that coffee from TJ's. We usually get ours from Costco (bulk bean), but TJ usually has good prices. I need to make a trip over there anyway, since my since won't stop talking about TJ's. haha

heart like mine said...

that first picture of you is GORGEOUS. i love it. :) facebook profile pic, maybe? ;)