Sunday, July 3, 2011

artistic endeavors: wildflowers.

may 7-9 2011
that lovely irish breakfast tea.
the inspirational photo i found by googling wildflowers.
this is the stage of the so-called floating flower heads. courtesy of anna.
she said they needed stems. so i agreed and did that the next day:)
chances are . . . this is probably peach-ginger tea:)

i arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. 
this makes it hard to plan the day.
[E. B. White] 

p.s. any day now . . . [sarah & justin's daughter] eliyah is going to have a baby brother. mom's on the phone with her, talking about different therapeutic-grade essential oils that can help labor progress naturally . . . we're super-duper excited, and somehow this is the first time i've written about it. i think. i might be wrong. but i don't think so.
anyhow, i can't wait to see what they name the little guy:)


Alida said...


Seizing My Day said...

fun flowers! I love to play with paint... I just don't get to do it much! sniff! and I love love that quote by EB White ... ;) Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend! Blessings!

Natalie said...

Love the E.B. White quote! So true! =D

Oh Mandie said...

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite of all of your paintings :)

Bethany said...

My 6-year-old Natalie loves anything to do with art, so I'm showing her your paintings in progress to inspire her (amid plenty of "wow!"s). This one is her favorite.