Thursday, July 7, 2011

artistic endeavors: new teacup and c.s.

nothing better than sunset light on a canvas, i always say.

june 6
when i was flipping through the pictures on that day, choosing which to post here, i had completely forgotten about these outdoor ones. running across this one, i sat here staring at it for a while. honestly.
what is one thing you've found beautiful in this last week? [just giving a random time frame here.]
ever heard of scattered trees?
this is one of my favorite songs by them.
i just found them last night, and they only have 12 videos posted to youtube --only about 4 of them being songs. :\

this is the old one and the new version.
now for a couple questions:
you can choose your last meal. what will the menu consist of?
if you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be?


Dana B. said...

I love the cup idea - "folding" it along the side of the canvas? Awesome!

Thats funny you'd ask the "last meal" thing - I was watching Bones today and a guy was on the death row and was asking himself the same question, and I thought, "what would I eat?" and couldnt decide. Maybe tiramisu.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love that tea cup canvas. I want it!!

Natalie said...

love the painting! And C.S. Lewis has some of the best quotes. ever. =D

Ashlyn said...

you are so talented! love you paintings girl! :] i wish i could paint.

i am your newest follower! hope you can check out my blog --

chambanachik said...

Love the C. S. Lewis quote. :)

Sarah Knight said...

Lovely : )

heart like mine said...

something about this post is soo soothing to the soul.

that teacup painting turned out gorgeous.

and that photo of the trees? i had the same exact reaction. i couldn't stop looking at it. i stared and thought and breathed in and out. it's perfect.

"nothing better than sunset light on a canvas, i always say."

:) you are the cutest thing.
your posts are beyond precious.