Friday, July 22, 2011

ramblings of a friday night.

i can't believe this day started out in rain.
and an early morning
and hot coffee
that made me even more tired.
tonight we went to see monte carlo; mum, anna, rach and me.

random thoughts from after seeing the movie:
blech. ready for a dude movie now. [captain america??]
sap and seamlessly-ended chick-flicky stories just get too much sometimes.
[key word: sometimes. i'm not giving them up entirely. ;)
and don't get me wrong; it's a super cute movie . . . just, this day i'm in a random mood so much so that i cannot appreciate chick-flick perfection for young adults. :P]

it would have to be a day that my eyes ran over so many beautiful fields, trees, sun play, and road lines and i didn't bring my camera.
you know how the saying goes for a day like that.
your eyes and heart take it in; capture it, whatever it happens to catch in the sieve.
around 7pm we came home, walking out of the theatre exit door into a bright, bright early evening in a town we hardly ever visit.
small, with interesting architecture on the main street just like in ours.
it's 8:27pm, the sunset behind the trees is hiding from me, a she & him song just ended on the player, and i'm here, with decaf coffee, cleaning a kitchen.
i'm still reading poser.
and, unfortunately, 2 books from the library stack on my shelf have to go back: the help, and sarah's key.
both are made into movies. why am i reading so slow these days?
it's the summer air. yep. i'll blame that. ;)

oh! a snapshot taken by my hand with my nikon perched on the arm of the chair while we watched an episode of merlin. :)

also, random thoughts from earlier, in case none of you caught it on my blog's fb status:
whew. it's funny and horrible how you can be reading something and their writing and view of life brings out the judging in you... they judge, it's a virus. it spreads to you. *shudder* i need to stop reading that one blog... after the 3 services with al gluchoski guest speaking at our church, i see the grace and law and i see what certain things do to me now. :\ sad stuff.

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Cristina said...

whoa!!! you got a hair cut??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!