Thursday, July 21, 2011

lovely sisters, decent afternoons, dresses, and the like.

shabby apple. is wonderful.
this came in the mail today.
this one is a cell phone pic by ben, to send to anna this morning because she's miles away at ken's house and it'll be hours till we see her so of course ya gotta send a picture of the newly-arrived dress. :) :) :)
shabby apple: they are/were having a 20% off anna and i took the chance and splurged.
ribbon falls is mine.
madison ave is anna's. :)

ack, i love the last paragraph of this...actually, the whole post:
the daily muse: marriage, for real.

this is beyond sweet. so amazing.
the call!!: dear friend.
mhmm, made me cry.

and this gorgeous parable that goes with their story:
There is a parable about a boy on a beach where millions of starfish have been washed to shore by an angry tide. One by one, the boy begins to throw each starfish back into the ocean. An old man, seeing the boy tossing a single starfish into the sea, warned, "You foolish boy! There are too many starfish to save. What you are doing will never make a difference!" And the boy replied, "It made all the difference in the world to that starfish". 
fills your heart.

and goodness, i love her good morning art post here.

love this.
10 myths about introverts.

also, this post by elizabeth esther literally had me laughing. some of you will know what i mean when/if you read it. ;)
the insufferable cruelty of tight jeans (aka, the tyranny of discomfort)

now for more dresses.
when anna came home from nannying, she put on her dress and i put on mine.
i made her put heels on before she looked in the mirror. nothing like the finished look, aye?
gorgeous, no?
:) inside, in the crappy lighting. haha. just wait. we took the shoot outside.
ohhh my love.
i don't have permission to post any more . . . so that's it.
as we snapped away with my camera, one of our nice neighbors across the street, mr. n., called across the boulevard with a compliment. you girls look really nice. i won't tell you our responses. well, fine, i will. i smiled at anna and said we're just gorgeous this afternoon. she snorted. she's a really tough one to pound truth into when she's convinced of of something else. :P but i love 'er.

i love us together.
and the humidity is lessening! that's a good thing!! hopefully we'll get a rainstorm soon here . . .

every individual has a place to fill in the world and is important in some respect whether he chooses to be so or not.
[Nathaniel Hawthorne]


rain said...

awww you both are so beautiful.
i LOVE your new cut!!!! it is beyond amazing!!!

Natalie said...

you two look smashing! and i cracked up at elizabeth's latest fashion rant. although, i seriously love jeans. boot cut. no skinny jeans =D

chambanachik said...

Very pretty!

And I agree- rain, please, and soon.

Oh Mandie said...

love Shabby Apple! You gals look gorgeous in your new threads :)