Sunday, July 17, 2011

a couple things i'm psyched about . . .

1. this print that i bought tonight on etsy. you really should go check out marisa's etsy: elegant snobbery! she's clearing inventory!! and her art is so darling. you'll find something you like. and find it irresistible. like i did. ;)
2. painting this quote for kym [lovely lady from church] . . . yeppers, traded for bling. she does lia sophia and when she saw me in this [see below!] dress, she thought of a certain bling set she had that would go wonderfully with it. for, you know, those blingy moods. ;) seriously, though, the necklace is super gorgeous and quirky --not symmetrical. glitzy. interesting. and i can't wait to mix it up with outfits sometime in the future. :)
3. this dress. the lovely erika sent it up to me . . . she said it was "a beka dress". and i have to say, i lovelovelove it. thankyousomuchagain, love:)
4. getting something like this haircut done tuesday afternoon by a dear friend i haven't seen since last year.
5. getting to browse these stores in person for the first time. anna says it's going to blow me away, so i'm bringing my savings money. el oh el.
one thing i'm sad about: the italian roast we ran out of today. by traderjoe's. sniff sniff.
i like this song. but then . . . it's in the background of one of the sweetest odd chick flicks,  just like heaven.

the end.
tomorrow i send off a package --a canvas; who knew? ;)-- :)


chambanachik said...

Eeeek! It looks soooooo darling on you! Definitely meant to be. :)

Oh Mandie said...

Eeeep, can't wait to see your new hairdo!

And I adore that dress!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh that cut is perfect for you!

And OMG you will *LOOOOOOVE* those stores!!!! I especially love the accessories at F21.

Marisa Hopkins said...

*grins* YOU are too sweet!

And that hair cut!!! That will be adorable!! I have a thing for pixie cuts :) I got one once, and LOVED it!!

YAY, can't wait to see pictures!

Christina said...

Such a pretty dress, looks great on!!

Awesome hair cut plus Ikea and Forever 21!?!?!? I always covet the Forever 21 pieces that I can't fit into. And Ikea, wow, that's like a fun day event in itself haha.

Natalie said...

First off, love the dress! And secondly, you've never been to Forever 21?! Hmm... if you ever find one, you should totally go to Charming Charlie =) Promise you'll fall in love with it!

charla beth said...

*sigh* so much lovely stuff in this blog, my dear. painting those "in this house" quotes will be such a blast, i'm sure! i hope you'll be posting pictures? :)

and erika was so right about that dress: it really is a "beka" dress. sheer perfection, you look gorgeous in it.

eee, so excited to see pictures of your new hair!!!

and oh my word, you've never been to ikea or forever 21 before?! ikea is a little too overwhelming for my taste, but there are some lovely things there. and forever 21 is uh-maaa-ziiiing. i hope you have a great time and i hope to be reading about all of this sooooon ;)