Wednesday, July 20, 2011

before. after. my hair cut. :]

okay, i admit it.
i walk into the hall or bathroom and nearly scare myself.
it's going to take a few days before i expect something else, something more updated, to greet me in the mirror.
don't get me wrong, though.
i like it.
i like it a lot.
some of you wanted more pictures.
well, chana was the only one who said so.
but still.
might as well make a slideshow, and not a half baked one. ;)
watch out.
i took the easy way out and made a slideshow out of nearly every.flipping.picture taken today by both me and my younger sister, rach. sorry it's kind of mixed up chronologically--i took from my camera's folder of today, and then hers. no idea how long it'll take you to see all the captures, but . . .
see there?
a wonderful day.
and here's a little summarization:
ikea=the bomb.
forever21=i held up a budget. pictures to come soon of my purchases.
:D:D heck. yes.
chipotle=amazingness i didn't imagine. both the place and the food. and the reeeaaally fine black guy that served me in the line. heh.
starbucks=never getting flavor in my iced americano ever again!! americanos, to me, are best alone.
and after all that, i got my hair cut by a dear friend i haven't seen in more than a year. it was a pretty indescribable experience. :)
here's an actual picture.
and i don't normally wear flowers or headbands much at all, but rach wanted me to try it on because she made it....and....hmm. i'm kind of liking it. :)
and for those of you who are friends with me on facebook, there are a few more coming. :)
and as for the fact that [according to comments made by family] it looks like i dyed it.....actually, no. i haven't dyed it since after the funeral in mid-june. it just looks like i dyed it because all the darker stuff that was growing out is all cut off. :)
so there we have it. :)


chambanachik said...

Ohmygosh. Where to begin?

Your hair in that headband is just darling. I think you should wear it every day. :)

Love the Nat King Cole. Sky started singing along. :)

We were watching America's Got Talent tonight, and they had on a couple boys from your town. I blurted out, "That's where Beka lives!!!"

And finally, again, your hair makes me want to chop mine off too. Haha!

Sorry for this horribly long comment.

jessicajane said...

it looks so good!

Dana B. said...

I loooooove it! Love the hair (you look even better than I thought you would and I thought you would look amazing so what does that tell ya), love the headband (and agree that you should wear them every day - I know I would if I had your face and hair), love that you loved ikea (their showroom is so perfectly decorated it's almost disheartening...)! Overall looks like a wonderful day!

Christina said...

You look fabulous!! Your face is so pretty and the hair frames it very well. Well, now you know that you look great in either longer OR short hair!! yay!! :)

{Amy} said...

beautiful!! seriously beka, love the hair cut, shows off even more of your beautiful!! so pretty. sounds like such a fun day, i'm kinda jealous now! ; )

LeAnna said...

soooooo cute!!! You def. can rock the flowers in you hair. Very feminine and pretty! I LOL'd at the pics of your sisters kissing your long locks, tooooo cute!
I've gone to Ikea twice. The Hub's had a job that wanted cabinets from Ikea and we were there FOR FOREVER. Kind of ruined my opinion of it. Bu it is a neat place...

Whitney said...

Oh. My. Goodess. You are sooo brave!!! I could never have the guts to do that!! It looks soo cute though, that last pic is especially! I definietly vote for more headband/flower wearing in the future!

charla beth said...

what a sweet, sweet day :) your hair turned out fabulous and i'm loving the flower <3

*Lizzie* said...

Wow! You got your hair cut! Amazing! And so much cut off! How does it feel? I'm sure very light now when you brush it! It's so cute!!!

Ray said...

Baby, I love you, and your hair. ~smiles~

Bethany said...

I love the pictures, but the headband one is BY FAR my favorite! So lovely you are!

Abbie said...

Okay, forrealz... literally DYING right now over the cuteness of your hair. Literally. Dying.

You look so much older!! It's so mature and artsy and cute!

I want to be you when i grow up =D lol.

Alyssa Rae said...

you look so different...its kinda shocking still. But I love it:P