Monday, July 25, 2011

poke, prod, youch: links and search words.

here's to many links to interesting things that open your mind to more than what you're seeing and thinking right now. 

weak words.
ohhh boy is this convicting. i love using "stuff" instead of working my brain to think of a different wordplay to type out!
jeff goins, you're my new mentor. sigh. i guess i needed one, what with the pokes and needles i felt as i read some of his stuff.

words matter.
think again.

the most overlooked secret to influencing people.
my favorite part of this post: "Let’s get something straight: I’m no one special. I’m short, non-athletic, and slightly smarter than the average bear. But that’s about it." i like humble, but knowledgeable, writers. especially if they give advice.

10 signs that you're doing networking all wrong.
"The paradox of influence is that those who have it can easily get more, and those that lack it struggle to gain momentum. The same can be said for friendship. Those who need friends struggle to find them, and those that can make friends have an abundance of them."

7 tips for effective writing.
oi. just what i needed to read.

one incredible way to make a difference.
gosh, i love this post.

three reasons to travel while you're young.
this one, too. wow.

what midnight in paris teaches us about every artist.
from how he writes about it, seems to me that it will be a favorite, once i get to see it sometime.

to be creative is to be misunderstood.
i'm going to stop linking to all his posts and let you explore his site now. ;)

this week, search keywords:
panera scones
"and the like"
good morning gram
holding my hair after cut
lyrics hey unlovely i will love you
pictures of balloons in the sky
pictures of goodness
pin board

you have a story to tell.

how does jesus love you?

everyone has a story to tell.

art helps us deal with suffering.

yeah, this is the most link-filled post [of mine] alive.
but you've got a bit of reading to do if you want to commit the time and focus.
my last words: it's good. read a few.

one more. it makes me hope:
dear younger writer: advice to your younger self.
this post makes me want to reread lisa samson's books. ohmyword, yes.

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