Sunday, July 31, 2011

lovely, yummy, cozy memories.

take that for example. june 2. yummy.

quiet. cozy. i never got around to blogging those days of nannying sam and reese next door while anna [their regular nanny, lol] was away at . . . sarah and justin and eliyah's? getting ready for little zechariah's arrival.

bristly. contemplative.

sigh. textures. june 7.

cool. rainy. curling hair. sweets and folger's coffee. strangers. laughs. sister. no, i'm not posting the picture of me kissing the dr. pepper can with thor's picture on it. uh, no. hahahaha.
ladies of the family date. tiny town up north. one more coffee shop i'm in love with.
what they said.

three days old. warm. tiny. cozy. july 8.
july 12 sunset through a van window.
standing on the highway.

love this music.
the darlingest photo album EVER on flickr.
love the simpleness. the love. the....yeah. from this blog: jen hammer.
i'm grateful for all of the above.
and, even though brothers and everything else were not mentioned in this post, i'm quite thankful for them too.
that's the end for tonight.


*Lizzie* said...

I commented on your last post about swing dancing ;) just so you know :)

charla beth said...

gosh, beka, this is just beautiful...all these pictures...thankfulness...gorgeous sunlight and family...agh, so much loveliness in one little place <3

p.s. that first picture is so perfectly peaceful <3 definitely one of my favorites.