Sunday, July 17, 2011

blt pasta salad.

i just set aside some cold brewing stuff for tomorrow morning. :)
this is my 495th post.
well . . . depends on if blogger is counting the drafts, too. because i've got some recipes and art to post yet.
i'm pondering if and when i want to do a giveaway . . . 500th? after the drafts are posted?
hmm. sounds good to me.
now to figure out what to give away. :] ideas, anyone?? i'm sure someone has ideas. ;)

onto the recipe, now, shall we?
i made this yesterday and it went over super well all around the table.
everyone loved it.
but then, there's bacon in it!
who doesn't like bacon?
don't answer that.

it's as easy and delicious as it looks. i promise.
the end. :)

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