Saturday, July 23, 2011

ridiculous vlog time.

today is going to be a nice, busy day.
i've got my cup of cold brew [a nice, medium dark roast; house blend of trader joe's] and i have music to edit and bring down or up a key for mum to follow on the piano tomorrow.
your love never fails.
it's a good song. listen to it. enjoy the below post. :) don't laugh and point too much.

thursday night, 7pm
wow. just had an adventure. hah.
retina burn from the focusing light of my camera and a stubbed toe --all because of a pair of shades.
i think it's time for a cup of decaf. it's a light roast, so we'll see how it is.
just so we get this straight, i never wear shades.
but here they are.
funky amusement, i tell ya.
do they look idiotic?
because i don't care. i just might wear them in public sometime.
ya know, sometime when i go out, in daylight, when it's hot, and there's people around. :]

and then the moment some of you have been waiting for.
the vlog.
le sigh.
okay, okay. so i kinda had some of the best fun ever making this vlog in particular, compared to the past ones. :D
ya don't get any more details on why i'm grounded.
i promise i wasn't.... naughty. it's just a funny....sibling thing.
ohhh, shiitake mushrooms.
stupid youtube made a crappy screen capture right up there.
so . . . there.
now you can live your day and go to bed smiling, feeling good about yourself.
you're not as weird as me.


Bethany said...

Holy smokes, is that your real accent? Inquiring minds (or enquiring, depending on where you're from) want to know. :)

Natalie said...

haha! liking the accent!

Alyssa Rae said...

Hey, I only know you from said blogging community....and I was laughing. Nice try....and quite frankly, i think the hair help you pull it off a little. If I didn't know better, I might be convinced.
But alas,
I was not:P
thanks for the smiles though

Side note: You need some big ol shades with a retro flair....I'm thinking Breakfast at Tiffany's type shades:P oh yeah

Whitney said...

Ok so I totally wanna watch your vlog right now but I can't cause my hubby is sitting here and I know he'll totally make fun of me.. (and probably you) :-/ so I'm going to have to wait till later.
However, still loving the hair.
And hello new blog, cute!

chambanachik said...

Ditto to what Whitney said. :) I'll come back and check it out soon, though!

charla beth said...

hahah, oh my word, you had me smiling through your whole video, you are so cute! and you pull off that accent wonderfully, by the way. :)