Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i smile and shake my head.

at what?
at the pictures me and rach took this evening, around sunset time, before we started playing volleyball.
someday when i'm a gramma and still blogging, i'll post the pictures from tonight.
because then i won't mind how dorkasaurus i am, and the goofy poses and the outfit i'm not quite proud of.
i would not step off our property, or even outside the backyard if people were around out front, in that tank and shorts.
someday, when i'm a gramma reliving, or just laughing at, my youth, you'll see it and know what i mean.

but anyways, here are a few......from tonight.
it's muggy but beautiful. the humidity has my hair waving and me quitting volleyball after not-enough-time of playing around.
the mint growing in the garden. good stuff, i tell ya.

 playing around with different settings; M, A, S, P, regular no-flash.....

for a few of the first pictures, the humidity was affecting the lens enough to fog it up. ohhh dear. :P


unbeing dead isn't being alive.
[e. e. cummings]


Dana B. said...

You're so funny, Beka... I love your outlook on life.

chambanachik said...

I'm not surprised at the lens fogging up- it's 5 billion degrees right now! :/