Wednesday, July 6, 2011

artistic endeavors: birds.

may 17-20
sigh. the spring.
the afternoon i came home from talking with susan, i started on this.
inspired by this. a file she gave me.
and . . . i continued it the next day.
because artificial light is pretty darn near the top of the list of things that cork my inspiration. it's true. another thing for my ocd list coming soon to you all . . . someday.
fun stuff, penciling it in, i say.

now for a slideshow of the progression, because it's just way more fun watching it than scrolling through. :)
those of you who are friends with me on fb, know that this canvas took a lot of work, time, concentration. plus, it's something i've never done before: birds. so . . . this one's expensive. el oh el.

news: eliyah's lil brother was born last night:) i mentioned the any-time-ness of it in my last post.
his name is zechariah. and he looks so much like her. it's the sweetest thing. :)

ever had someone think they could pour themselves a cup of coffee in the middle of the drip-brewing process? and then they think you, the main coffee person in the house, won't hear the sizzle of drips on the hot plate, scorching away in the silence of a napping house?
i hope someone just learned their lesson. :)
it's not cool with me.

the early afternoon of the fourth, i spent some time editing the rendition anna wrote up of her latest birth she was a doula at. since i emailed it to myself, and i failed to save it as something more than opening it and editing it in read-only --how did that slip past me? urgh-- i ended up editing it twice. nearly two thousand words, read and reread and all that stuff.
mainly, i do enjoy editing. that occured to me as i was in the process of it, listening to various songs by emery. strangest birth-story-editing music ever, now that i see this all typed out. hah.

it's a strange feeling to not have posted since sunday.
it felt good but lazy to let it slide. besides, as if i have anything exciting in my life right now anyhow.
lots of thoughts. [most of them too much or not enough to publish.] some good conversations. and oh, i guess i do have paintings to post. [but what's a painting post without something to say? oh. yes. a wordless day.] a few more canvases, anyhow. i'm working on one, it's nearly halfway done. the quote is still in pencil.

today we watched a cousin's adorable little boy--anna's godson.

oh boy. i forgot how hilarious it was at the park earlier.
i cannot resist another slideshow.
mulberries are the bomb. and . . . the crying pictures? i was enthusiastically telling anna about the kids eating mulberries yesterday also [and the gorgeous mess of them] and he burst into tears. sigh. it wasn't like he hated me; i held him before that and he was quiet and happy. he missed his mum and dad on and off for a while there, was hungry, got tired, but he loved being outside.

i should've just done a post of "slideshows of yesterday and today" with the park and yesterday's mulberry adventures and swimming adventures documented there. sheesh.
oh well.

sidenote: yesterday i started reading this book.
i hope you all are having a wonderfee wednesday:)


Oh Mandie said...

ok, I completely lied yesterday. THAT is my favorite painting of yours! I LOVE it!!

chambanachik said...


heart like mine said...

i. LOVE. this post.
that painting turned out AMAZING.
& your pictures always make me smile. :)