Monday, July 11, 2011

a wedding and reception. w/videos.

well, hello.
i decided to upload the vids rach took with her ipod . . . so you could see the fun we had.
good memories, i told rachel; since we'll probably never see that child again.
dude, it was wild. and i was lip-syncing no words. just so you know why i'm extra-dorky.
can't you tell?
i think everyone was in the other part of the building.
you know that phrase rach was saying but the music starts going over her voice?
it was we are the hilarious photographers.
and when she aimed the camera at my camera? i was obviously claiming that nikon as my own. [you know, since she has one just like it, but anna's borrowing it as she stays with sarah, justin, and the kiddos.]  
oh! and the face i'm making at :36 and onward? that's my guppy face. mhmm. as in, the fish called guppy.
isn't that a fun fact? i love the fact that the song near the end of that reminds me of the movie knight and day. because it's in the soundtrack. good stuff.

okay, so here's a slideshow of the actual wedding and reception. even though the baby and some of the music was the best part of it all.
so there you go.
i'm off to cook up some ground beef for tacos tonight. :) 

not that this quote is at all related to anything of the above....erma is just too good.

Housework, if you do it right, will kill you.
[Erma Bombeck]


chambanachik said...

You guys crack me up.

I also do not dance in public, lol, but because Sky failed to give me a dance at the last ball, he has to make it up to me at this one. Nothing crazy, just a slow dance.

Christina said...

A cute baby indeed. Oh and you are your sister are pretty cute too! :D

I'd hire ya! Except I have no event to photograph. And I live too far away. BOOO

Natalie said...

lol! You two crack me up =D