Wednesday, January 5, 2011

all yo faults.

There I stood, scraping the pan of diced potatoes in a puddle of sizzling butter.
All I needed was a few eggs to stir into it; it'll be grand.

So there I am, 2 eggs in one hand, one more in the other hand. Trying to shove the carton nicely back onto the fridge shelf.
Gravity, darnit!!!
There's the egg. On the floor.
Caleb laughs. "You're cleaning that up, y'know. I'm not doing it."
"Well, duh. Of course I am."
Cue the search to find a cloth or something in the kitchen to wipe it up with.
"Hey, you know what? you should take a picture of that egg on the floor and post it on your blog and tell them what you just did."
"Why not?"
"Because. I don't need to post every single one of my flaws on the internet."
I laughed, of course.
So there ya go, folks.
It'll be grand.
Now I only hope he didn't let my potatoes and eggs burn while I was away with this spark of inspiration.
Heh. They didn't.
I love brothers.
It's just too bad said brothers won't take a smiling one unless you catch it unguarded...shoot. This was the best one, of probably 6 or 7! ♥

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Alida said...

I like his idea!! A photo of the mess is blog worthy...that is if you were still about to eat and it all had a happy ending :-)