Monday, January 3, 2011

part 1: somewhat wordless monday.....

this is my 301st post.
yippee, huh? and it's been a week since i last posted. :)
man, has it been some sort of wonderful week!!
this is how my day started. in a quite corner of the kitchen that i cleaned specifically for making fresh coffee. well, this is after i shower. that's my first priority. heh.
...........i woke up pretty late. 10:30?? yeah. well, it's a monday and yesterday was super full and we left very good friends for a several hour drive home!! boohoo.
see that kitchen? it's not mine to clean today. yippee again. ;)
the first day home in a week.
people making eggs and everythang for breakfast...
bell peppers are a huge staple in our house, you have no idea....
so are mushrooms..
this is a popular breakfast. always put salsa on it. medium pace.
we need a new one. this is empty. :\
favorite grey skinny jeans... and funky socks that i got in my Christmas stocking.
coffee and chocolate soy candle.
sweet little sister, lyd.
danny, grinning for the sneaky camera.....
you have to act fast if you want a good picture of him.....and gosh he's growing fast!
3 years old. :)
sauteing peppers for scrambled eggs...
my breakfast. and yeah, i was too lazy and hungry to toast my bread. it was good anyways.
now for a picture of us girls on saturday, january 1....a.k.a, Jen's wedding day:
^^Phelisha, me, Jen dear, and my lovely sister Anna:) gosh i miss them.
anna, me, and the happy couple --jen and craig-- at the reception:)
well, i've got stuff to catch up on, things to do........not really places to go or people to see, though. i did that thi past week. now we're just.....home. eh. i'll blog later. now i just miss jen and phelisha's family like heck:)
i think i'm going to go brew more coffee.
it was so lovely getting to help with the wedding and all that, and just being able to hang out with their family at home and do different stuff.
i've got a lot of good memories. :) and i've got a lot of paper-and-pen sort of writing to catch up on to keep those memories.
happy new year, everyone!

p.s. i can't wait to get around to reading blue like jazz. chambanachik did a review. sounds amazing and really interesting......


ladaisi said...

I love your posts. They make me feel so grateful for the happy little things - like bell peppers and soy candles.

Thanks for sharing your lovely day!

- Lauren

Ladaisi Blog

Kelsey said...

What a fun week! I love the feeling of going, going, going, but I also enjoy just being at home and catching up.

Blue Like Jazz is fantastic. I wasn't really raised a Christian, and always felt embarrassed to call myself one until after I read this book. I re-read it at least once a year.

Christina said...

Lots of good things in one post! That breakfast looks so good, I bet my husband would like it.

You look very nice at the wedding! :)

I haven't read Blue Like Jazz but I have read a couple other books by Donald Miller and I really liked them!!! I read To Own a Dragon (it's about growing up without a father. I had a great father, yet really enjoyed the book!) and Through Painted Deserts(will make you want to travel!). I would recommend!

Also, I have one more recommendation, if you've never heard of it- Under The Overpass by Michael Yankoski.

LeAnna said...

'shrooms are a staple at our house, too. Always have them in the fridge!
You girls looked so gor-jay at the wedding!

charla beth :) said...

your photography captures beauty in the simplest of things :) i love that.