Thursday, January 6, 2011

in the space and time...

today, in the space and time that i could've been blogging a nice sized post about something that needs to be posted....... [earlier today, marisa, me, and a few others were randomly saying down with blogging, up with reading a good book...]

i discovered this guy {here's where i heard about him} ^^ before doing all the below.

i was reading this book:
drinking this tea:
brewing this Christmas gift of loveliness from Heather dear coffee (um, this morning):
i tell you, it's amazing stuff!! freshly ground beans makes all the freakin' difference in the smoothness of the all-around taste. 

eating this chocolate:
we're having capellini for dinner... hope you had a lovely 6th of january!
p.s. no, my life is not always chock full of sweet, quiet, wonderfully yummy things all the time.... just wanted to add that. ;)

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Oh Mandie said...

We have exactly the same taste in music, just sayin' :)