Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my day in pictures: coffee, cpu's, spark, and the gorgeousness that was the sky today.

so, let's got for some randomness, aye?
i found this shirt in the bottom of one of my drawers, and i swear i haven't worn it for more than a year. how did this happen?! it's my favorite shirt ever by c28.
so. monday, the glass coffee pot got a ding in it.
as in, a shattered little circle.
i shall not go into my hair-brained idea that i, indeed, quite desperately acted out.
with duct tape.
don't laugh.
i brewed 8 cups. within 5 minutes people in the kitchen were yelling for me, telling me it was leaking. all. over. the. place.
can you say desperate? 'kay. moving on.
then yesterday, tuesday, i brewed this awesome french roast that heather got from her church. loveliness, right? right!! i brewed it into a mug and watched the movie bolt with the younger siblings.

okay, so i'm sorry for the cop-out of a post i did yesterday. belated apology, right?
well, i tell ya, it needed to be read!! because. why? because, the post before that, the one about english toffee lattes and good friends....all those comments came to my email inbox and every. single. one. didn't have their email open. therefore, i couldn't reply! and am i the only one who doesn't go back to every post i've read in a day just to see if the author has commented back about my question??? hello?
okay. hopefully i've made my point.
so, my reply to those comments asking if i liked the movie salt?? well...for most of the first part of it, i was concentrating on doing henna designs, so couldn't exactly focus on the movie and adapting to liking a character angelina plays. i don't particularly fancy her. at all. she's just not likable to me that much. and...sad to say i wasn't in much of an action movie mood.
random thought just now: bride and prejudice would be an awesome movie if you want to go on the strictly bollywood/india/henna theme. we should do that sometime...

i'll thank you dear blog friends, to put your email in your blogger account and have it public!! hehe. please do follow the instructions on this page:
......this is what i had for lunch. grilled cheese with pasta sauce...and coffee that i accidentally brewed too weak? :\ shoot.
funny thing though, i was reflecting on how i used to say grilled cheese when i was a little kid. girl cheese...anyone else say it funny? :)
it was good.
okay, so i bet no one ever guessed my blog would ever have any say of any sort about fitness. ever.
<--- i mean, look at that recipe button on the side! while putting that page together, collecting links and everything, i nearly started drooling, and was definitely craving any sort of pudding by the time i was done!
confession: i cannot do normal push-ups. and i'm not too fond of girly push ups either, though double confession: i haven't tried a girly push up for a while. can't remember the last time.
so....sometime a couple years ago --yes, my memory serves me right-- i made up cpu's. counter push ups.
heck. yes.
and let me tell you; you feel the burn.
especially if you're out of shape and going for a good round of 20 per try out. ;) the other day i did 50 --20, 10, and another 20-- the next day i woke up and wondered, why the heck do i ache all over?!
then, of course, i remembered.
oh, and a nice fact-- i'm not the only crazy person to post pictures of working out. deb and andrea have, too. so i don't feel quite that weird awesome. ;)
not many people know this, or do they?
the past month i've totally been a blank slate, completely lacking inspiration....any spark at all to paint.
i tell you...that's an awful place to be. :\
but. today, i got some of my mojo back. :) that's what anna calls it anyways. hahah.
rachel snapped a few while i was painting.
i'm only giving you one more sneak peek.
i really have to catch up and post the rest of the canvases!!
yeah, i'm kind of cheating you.
oh well.
it was so beautiful today.
gosh. i just love the sky.
after painting, i read today's entry in oswald chamber's book, my utmost for his highest.
i loved how the focus turned out in this shot.
so....last night we went out to chili's with grandpa and grandma t. to celebrate caleb's 17th birthday. :)
to say the least, it was fun. :)
from left to right: grandma t., caleb, ben, anna, me, rach, lyd, grammy, mom, dad, grandpa t. 
.....and here's a few more shots of my darker hair. i haven't ever been this dark. but i'm liking it.

and from the other night when heather and steph were over... after dinner we played cranium. heck, i might as well create a post special for documenting that night. i could go on and on. and there are several pictures. this post is already piled up about today.....
couldn't resist posting this one, though.
you can see why. :)

Many people lose the small joys
in the hope for the big happiness.
[Pearl S. Buck]


bebe bird beck said...

Love the picture of you paiting. perfect.

Also, I do push ups off of everything!!
I do this in the kitchen when waiting for things to cook all the time.

charla beth :) said...

this is my favorite post i've read from you yet :) loved the pictures!

Natalie said...

Oh No! I hope you get a new coffee pot or machine! This is indeed an emergency! Hmm... I guess I'll have to try those CPU's now. Oh, and I love the photo with the Oswald Chamber book. It turned out really well :D

Hanna said...

So that french press will be readily welcomed with OPEN ARMS! :]
Do you want a smaller one, like personal size, or a bigger one?
I do reversed push-ups on the counters at work when its slow, haha

Hanna said...

btw I meant to put a "?!" on that first statement ^^.

Kirsty said...

Go you! I haven't tried counter pushups! I just do (don't do) the normal and girlie kind. Maybe I Gould give the counter a try! Haha love the canvas too :)