Sunday, January 30, 2011

something to cry for. oh yay. :]

so hallmark had this lovely film airing tonight.
we like to see the two good ones per year that they put out...usually they're worth seeing. and rewatching.
like magic of ordinary days.
they did good with that one; it's anna's favorite book and movie.
now......i really liked this one.
i mean, i'll never be able to listen to the song dream a little dream of me ever again without crying my head off. seriously.
oh wait. i'm listening to it now, and my tears are nevermind? but if i was sitting alone, with a cup of coffee, all alone --did i mention that?-- and this song was playing, i might start crying.

along with the song being imprinted memory, and i'll always narrow my eyes in distaste for fake eyelashes. as if i didn't before? hahahhaha. that's beside the point.
it made me cry.
and it was sweet.
and i really liked the movie.
i did, i did.
and since i was sitting next to ben the whole time and he didn't say anything, i'm most thankful for that.
i prefer silence when there's a tear-worthy scene going on.
though we did have some banter of our own, him and i.
we both hated her eyelashes.
i mean, look at this lady:
please tell me i'm not the only one who thinks her bangs are too long for her to be simultaneously trying for the pitch black eye look. please. i mean, she was pretty decently good at acting. i wasn't bugged by anything but her too-long bangs and her too-dark eye makeup. like really, lady?! tame it down. mmkthanks. i like to see the main character's eyes. not be staring at hair that has so many products in it to make it have wonderful unreal body. heh. no thanks.
but good thing this lady was mostly likable. i hate when actresses aren't likable. heh.

so... it made me cry.
big time. more than any normal sad movie has had the history of making me cry.
but there was something that happened at the end for the modern couple that mirrored the 40's couple...and it bugged me. they were not alike, and i personally don't think the modern couple deserved the right to be mirroring something as lovely as what the 40's couple did. and as the freaking end of the freaking movie? please. don't be corny. i don't mean to be getting bitter-sounding, but maybe one of anna's points is getting to me subconsciously. urgh. once in a while it seems as though singleness is like a thorn in the flesh/side. most other times, it's perfectly fine!! heck, even wonderful.
okay, i'm being pathetic. sorry again. i just have to get it out to someone, ya know? because anna already knows all i have to say on this matter.

so back to the eyelashes?
the ending was happening. happy-sappy little thing for the modern couple. the sacred 40's couple thing starts'll know what i mean if/when you watch it yourself.
ben, whispering: "maybe her eyelashes will melt off."
me: "hah. they should've earlier, when she was crying."
him: "hmm. true."
so we waited and soon enough a few seconds later the credits started rolling.
i hopped off the huge la-z-boy chair, tears still wet and all over my face, and howled at the ceiling and urghed. "why did they have to end it like that?!?!!?!"
okay, so i wasn't truly outraged or anything.
oh but maybe i was.
let's nevermind that and just go watch it again.
we'll wait a few weeks, then push stop at the end before it cuts from the gramma watering her rose bushes to the modern couple. yeah. that's what we'll do.
a few times, the movie seemed to take on a notebookesque air.

and this is what anna has to say about it:
the lost valentine is a most excellent movie.
a. if you want to cry.
b. if you want to be reminded to the extreme that you are most single.
c. if you want to cry some more.
d. do they even make guys (the 40's guy) that good, honorable, noble & cute?
e. it's a good cry.
f. that is all I have to say.
i'm going to bid you adieu.
need to go take another i wake up even better than today. morning and right before i go to sleep seem to be the lowest points of the day for me and coughing's relationship. bleh. i'm so kicking this.
goodnight!! ♥

oh, and p.s. no offense at all to the lovely normal not-too-sappy romances of you lovely normal ladies out there. i love you. really i do. it's just these movies that get to me once in a while. and really, i'm not all that bitter.
i promise. ;)
♥ ♥ ♥
i just might not be looking forward to valentines thanks to this blasted movie. valentines day is the day after my birthday, how horrid!! okay. i'll stop ranting again....soon.....but maybe i was born to rant....okay....i get the point. i'll go to sleep now....


Bethany said...

I see what you mean about the eyelashes. Jennifer Love Hewitt has annoyed me ever since she started dating my favorite musician (at the time) John Mayer in, oh, 2002? But she is definitely likable in spite of that, and possibly even in spite of the fake lashes. :) And I'm sorry about Valentine's Day. I know what you mean, and there's not really any amount of intellectual cheerfulness that can quite make one forget that the rest of the world is celebrating sappiness. I suggest doing what my college roommates and I did -- bake a pumpkin pie and eat it straight from the pan with copious amounts of whipped cream. Does wonders for the heart. :)

LeAnna said...

Oh my word, I was all teary eyed watching this movie. Jennifer Love Hewitt annoys me, period. I think it's because she has that show about talking with ghosts and I think it's stoooopid. I thought her hair was cute, though. Not a fan of fake lashes. And ladies, Valentines day is not something 90x's more magical when you have a man. They just need reminded of all major holidays after a few years anyway, haha!

"So, know valentines day is in a few weeks, right?"
"Oh yeah?"
"I like chocolate."
"Oh, will you change the babies diaper?"

Have a Valentines Day tea party with your girlfriends! You won't be single forever, I promise. Promise!

Oh Mandie said...

you just made me feel so better! I bawled my eyes out watching this last night. Good to know I wasn't alone! It was soooooo good!

charla beth :) said...

ha, i haven't seen this movie yet, but i'm going to have to take some time to watch it :)

your rants are adorable, they made me smile!

Chana said...

I'm glad I didn't watch it! I almost did, but changed my mind at the last min. I loved your rant:)